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Thread: curiosity: how does it work?

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    Default curiosity: how does it work?

    So you're Little and you're lucky enough to find a cyberfriend who will be your Daddy or Mommy. What then? How does it work? What do you do?

    I'm very interested in finding out.

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    I have always wondered how they would do a cyber diaper change. All you can do is just chat your Daddy or Mommy can tell you you're a good baby.

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    I dont do cyber roleplay I am looking for real life role play.

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    Be yourself, express your secrets and just begin to build a connection. I think first, it must be a certain connection, a certain point where two spheres intersect, possibly overlap a little. It then becomes a process of possibly moving those two spheres a little closer, more overlap, inch by inch. Like any type of relationship, it takes a desire, a longing, and some new form of commitment. And just knowing that your special connection is there and can respond in a way others do not or have not thus far. Yes, it can be an adventure when new, when discovering, when you feel free enough to directly ask for and describe what you want over all or at one particular time. What can make the moment complete? What can make a cup of coffee more enjoyable, going to the movie a shared joy, an imagined journey of anticipation to somewhere new and different.

    Some find it frees the mind, others may enjoy the containment and care felt across the miles as if being drawn close by an embrace, a whispered secret, a retreat to a very private place of limited contact and distraction. It can be like becoming
    totally absorbed into a 'page turner' novel, or listening to a RADIO drama, where words (not images) are the total source
    of stimulation, engaging the mind to supply the other sense to augment the auditory of a radio set. On and on....and it should be what you want to make it, what you expect in return via cyber Daddy/Mommy.

    No script, no formulas, just the desire and interest to 'find out'. THAT alone is worth the possible discovery of something meaningful and rewarding to both in on the deal. It's mutual, it's accommodating, listening, venting, and bonding.

    It should be nice, kind, fun, fanciful and yet respectful.

    If you find what you seek, even if for only an interval of time, it is a GIFT.

    I suppose ya just don't know 'till ya try!

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    Good question I have never thought of it.

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    I am the proud cyber big brother to a wonderful little sister. We happened to cross paths here and have exchanged several PMs and have lately been Skype talking for hours the last few weeks. We mutually agreed that the brother/sister relationship was just a fun way to express our friendship on adisc. We talk about anything and everything. daLira has taught me so much about life and customs in another country. Every once in awhile, you will see me scold her for staying up too late or, most recently, telling her to get well soon as she had a flu bug of some kind.

    I imagine a cyber mommy or daddy would be the same. Just good friends, pen pals if you wish, whose friendship has grown strong over the weeks or years. There would probably be something in a signature line and some visible personal messages of some kind like "Go to bed or mommy will get mad" or "You need to eat your veggies to be strong like daddy", things like that. But without personal contact, I think it's all friends and a little (maybe a lot) of RP. It's all good!

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