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    I thought I would join the site after reading various posts from here and realising that I really am not alone with this.

    I am a diaper lover that much I have established. It makes me feel a bit stupid as I can't understand it, but im hoping that being around here may help straighten things out.

    I don't have an interest in regression or the sissy side of it etc.

    By day I work in IT and by night I'm quite the gamer. Really enjoy PC games, though I have most consoles as well. Walking is another great passion these days and I love getting out and about.

    Tonight has been my first night in diapers as I have never really had the opportunity before. It has been quite a liberating feeling being able to actually do this, I haven't been brave enough to leave the house yet but im sure that will come in time!

    So yeah thats me I guess, i don't know what else to say.

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    This desire of ours is hard to understand. A couple years ago I gave up trying to understand it and just said "screw it, it's not hurting anyone what's the harm?"

    I have a part time programming job and recently started a networking company (mostly netsec and callserver/wifi integration so far.) I'm a big RPG player, and while walking isn't a passion I do love kayaking/rock climbing and seeing the sights there.

    You are not alone, looking this forum really helped me and I hope the forum and those of us here can help you too!

    (also FF fan?)

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    Hello! I am a FF fan indeed. Ive used the name online for a while and was glad it was free on here. I am starting to think screw it I will never understand but there is a part that just wants to know why. Im wondering that now I live alone and have started wearing how I would ever stop / explain to a new partner. Things are very confusing... comfy but confusing

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