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    Hi Everyone!
    I am a student going into my third year of university studying Economics. I have finally found something I love learning about after a couple years of searching and trying different things and I couldnít be happier. Outside of school and work I love hiking, biking, running, camping, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors and sweating!
    I was brought here by my boyfriend who is a DL and has been very supportive in helping me learn more about it. Wearing diapers and having lots of discussions about ABDL stuff has made me start to discover my own interests and kinks, one of which I think may be the AB side of things. So Iím glad to be here to learn more about not only things that interest my bf, but things that interest me as well.
    I mainly came to this site to find support and to learn more through reading. A lot of people seem to have similar questions and experiences as I do, and it is nice to be able to read othersí opinions and stories. Already I have found information that has helped me in my understanding of being an AB or DL (or both!) and I just want to thank everyone who posts and comments for creating such a supportive and accepting community!

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    Hi (waves) my name is shadow if you need anything give a howl i will howl back.

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    Welcome to the site ! im sure you will get to learn your kinks and what you are and arent interested in only time will tell

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    Hey, here's a shout out from the west, Alberta way. Good for you, and your positive attitude towards your bf and abdl matters in general. And more pandas: yay

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