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Thread: Baby Proofing the house. . . . the fun way!

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    Default Baby Proofing the house. . . . the fun way!

    As some of you may or may not know, about 8 months ago I became a parent. My little girl is beginning to crawl and pull herself up to stand. The wife and I have been baby proofing the house. I came across this website

    Childproofing around the house

    And one of the paragraphs talks about an effective way to baby proof your house. "Scope out the territory. The most effective way to ensure your baby's safety is to take a baby's-eye view of your home. Get down on your hands and knees and see how things look from down there. What's within reach? What looks tempting? Where would you go if you could crawl, toddle, or walk?"

    What better way to have fun doing this than to diaper up and crawl around the house. . . . . and for a good reason too, LOL.

    Just thought to share this. Any other ideas, feel free to chime in!

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    I didn't baby proof my house a whole bunch. I think some parents go overboard about it because they are so worried about anything happening to their little one because of what we have heard in the media or hear from other people. My mom didn't do a lot of baby proofing either.

    All I did was put in those safety outlet covers, moved things I didn't want him touching and messing up. kept my computer up high, put cardboard over the TV buttons, put cardboard over my bookshelf, Kept doors closed, put up baby gates and had one up in the kitchen to keep him out. I always blocked off drawers and doors. I did none of that cabinet locking crap or nailing furniture to wall crap and other crazy stuff books and websites suggest. I grew up in different times so it was unnecessary to me. I was old fashioned. Now the home is seldom childproof and he knows to not touch things that do not belong to him and he can take those socket covers off the outlets so no point in using them. I still keep doors closed since he still can't open them. I don't recall anything being childproof in my home except my mom had those socket covers too and had a blanket over the bricks that was around the fireplace.

    Just train your child and you wouldn't have to use any. I think some accidents have gotten parents worried so they have to be safe and I know they can't always be in the room with them or else the parent will never get anything done and should the child always have to be in every room with the parent and not be allowed to play in their room or living room because the parent has to cook and they have to have their child follow them to every room in the home when they clean?

    Or they are too lazy to teach them and can't be bothered to watch them. I admit I got a little lazy because I got tired of telling my son no and started blocking things off for him. I mean why were playpens invented? So you could put them in there if you can't watch them. It could be because you're going potty or taking a shower or cooking or someone came to the door. Then by the time they have learned to climb out, they should already know the rules of what is off limits for touching if you have taught them. By then my son does pretty good not touching things he isn't supposed to touch and he is two.

    Am I against baby proofing? No. I think it just eases the parent's worries if they are OCD about it and it also makes it a lot easier so you wouldn't have to watch your child as much. Things will always get easier for parents. I said in high school about technology, we have gotten lazier and everyone laughed. I think they were all in agreement. Things have also gotten convenient too. Instead of taking six months to travel across the states, it's now two days because we have cars. Instead of taking two months to travel across the Atlantic, we have engine ships and planes. Instead of using hard labor work, we use tractors now and machines to build things. We also have machines now that make cars and products. I hear back when my parents were little, there was no baby proofing equipment. I am sure parents still baby proofed but they had to be clever and they had to move things or pack things away that were breakable or move them to higher spots and always hope their child won't stick their fingers or any tools in the socket when they aren't looking. I don't think they had any baby proofing equipment then. Sure they had gates and playpens I bet and they had leashes and it wasn't uncommon in the days to take your toddler outside and put them on a leash and connect it to the clothes line and you go back inside. Today that would be seen as bad parenting and perhaps neglect and get a visit from social services. Kids were even strapped to potty chairs, today that would be seen as abuse and lazy. Like I say, I am a bit old fashioned but I wouldn't tie my kid up or strap him to the chair and do all this crazy baby proofing stuff because it was not done to my brothers and I and I was always watching him and teaching him to not touch things.

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