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Thread: Wore a diaper onstage today

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    Default Wore a diaper onstage today

    ...well UNDER my clothes! Anyway, I'll admit i've been on diaper binge lately and my side project 3-piece acoustic act (we're all in a rock band together also) played a pretty low-key afternoon show and I decided to wear a Bellisimo to the show. I even went onstage during a guitar solo. Pretty weired I know but I thought I'd share.

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    I'd love to wear while performing but it would be a clumpy mess of sweat-ridden sap afterwards. Maybe when we do that acoustic gig at some point...

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    I agree. I wouldn't wear one during my full band shows either.

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    I have worn through many a stage show...and as a drummer in the's wet no matter what...

    Being ic it's just respectable to the stage hands to wear...

    Now, there have a been a couple times where I didn't wear...we were barely covered in the rain...and just walking to stage we were soaked...ended up short that night too...finally the crew couldn't keep the power going...kept loosing circuits...temp stages are a show in them self...


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    Do the other band members know that you wear them, or were you telling because you were on stage in front of other non-suspecting fans?

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    That's awesome. I couldn't image trying to be padded on stage. I would be too self conscious, and probably distracted to have a good show. Since you IC you gotta do what you gota do and to heck with them. They came to hear a show not oggle your crotch. Being a drummer probably helps with the discretion too.

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    I've worn at practice before. I wouldn't be embarrassed. I just haven't met a diaper that wouldn't completely disintegrate the way I play live.

    I was also a drummer, though I play guitar and sing now. Drummers get the worst swamp ass ever. I don't think there is any diaper that has a seat area that would withstand the sweating, the shifting, and constant movement. I don't envy you who have to wear while bashing the skins.

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