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Thread: Laptop KeyBoard Problem.

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    Default Laptop KeyBoard Problem.

    Okay my laptop keyboard is being stupid. My laptop wont type: q t j p u ] } 1 3 - _ anymore *BTW, If your wondering how I'm typing this, I got a On-Screen Keyboard on my computer * So anyway I'm wondering how I can solve this because it getting quite annoying right now.

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    did u spill something on it or is there anything under the keys

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChouChou View Post
    did u spill something on it or is there anything under the keys
    No, I never spill anything on the keyboard before, and I'm not sure if there anything underneath them. I just found it weird that only a couple keys stop working.

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    Yah, that one is weird. Those keys do nothing at all anymore? It's interesting how they are all on the top half of your keyboard. Probably not your problem, but is your keyboard language set to English?

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    Have you tried restarting? when you do (if you haven't) take the battery out and unplug it to try a hard reset *shrugs*

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    Jabo: the keyboard is set to English, also the those keys stop working like 45 mins ago and this is the first time this had happening.

    Snapcrotch: I did a reset and a shut down, but I haven't did a hard reset yet.

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    Do you have a spare keyboard that you can plug into a USB port on the laptop? Then you can atleast use the laptop. Also if that keyboard happens to do the same thing with the certain keys it would mean it's a software problem somewhere, though I doubt it will do the same thing. Hopefully there's not something wrong with the keyboard in the laptop, those can be a pain to replace.

    Edit: Try booting into safe mode or DOS if possible and see if those keys are still not working.

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    Okay I shut down my laptop for an hour so it can cool down then I recently turn it back on to see if any of the nine key would start working again and they still not working. What I don't get is that if the keyboard was going to hell, would all the keys stop working instead 9 of them? I just found it odd that all.

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    The keyboards that I've seen keys crap out were all grouped together. Those keys seem pretty random to me. Like one keyboard I had the 3 E D and C crapped out, they were all diagonal to each other. If it's not the software messing with the keyboard I might actually lean towards the motherboard being messed up rather than the keyboard itself. Did you try booting windows into safe mode and test the keys?

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