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Thread: AB/DL Parent Question #4

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    Default AB/DL Parent Question #4

    We've all said it. "Why did I give them up?" Well this crossed my mind earlier today. We all wish that we hadn't have given up our diapers and I was wondering because your a *B parent would you incurage or want your kids to try to stay in diapers as long as possible? Instead of giving up diapers at 2 or 3 would you like your child to be in them intil 4 or 5 and in some rare cases as old as 6 and still in diapers?

    As for myself I wouldn't mind if my kid didn't give up diapers intil they turned 4 or so. If they get to 4 and still don't show interest in potty training I would try to casually get them interesting but wouldn't force them like some parents do. To me, it's the child's desition when they want to give up diapers and not the parents.

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    I'd try to get them to be as "normal" as possible.
    I don't want to influence them in any way about diapers.

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    It's kind of a judgement call as to when to start getting them off diapers. It's hard to explain, but you can just tell from how your child reacts/adjusts to sitting on a pot, or doesn't adjust, whether they're ready to start being trained. As I've mentioned before, every child matures at a different rate. I would never force them to train if they weren't showing signs of being ready, even if it took until 3 or 4 years of age. On the flip side, I wouldn't keep them in diapers if they appeared ready to grasp the concept of learning to use the pot at an earlier age. It doesn't take long to determine whether they're ready or not. Being an AB parent didn't influence me in any way with timing when to start their potty training. As a responsible parent, which you are first and foremost, you really shouldn't ever let it.


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    You have to be normal with kids no matter what. I don't feel it's right to force your wishes on a child (wanting them to be in diapers for a longer period of time), although a parent really can't force anything on their kids. Give them time to make up their own mind when they are ready.

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    I would start potty training around the age of 3 with my child, that's when I learned. I wouldn't *force* them to do it, but I'd offer rewards if they did it, such as, if they did it for two days, I'd take them out for ice cream, etc.

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    I would toilet train them normally. If they happened to be a tb, I wouldn't mind but I can't imagine it being likely.

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    There is no point in forcing your child to stay in/get out of diapers
    at this early age, i would just let them hang loose, occasionally giving them gentle reminders that "if you need to go you need to go" ^-^

    Master L

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    I would hope they potty train as any other kid, being different Is a burden I would not want them to bear at that age. If they became AB/DL in their teens I would try to look the other way unless they wen't overboard.

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    I'm going to beat my ideals into my kids that my wife will have with a stick....

    Come on people I'm not serious I'm gay and if i did get kids I would potty train them normally.:P

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    I certainly would not put any pressure on my children to toilet train as all kids eventually reach the point where they're ready for it. There's no reason for trying to force it upon them before this really. I would however encourage using the toilet. I assume I might become quite worried if my child was four or more and still wearing diapers in which case I would encourage it to a larger degree.

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