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Thread: Anyone afraid of storms?

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    Default Anyone afraid of storms?

    There's a HUUUUGE storm outside right now, and there's thunder and lightning, and the wind blew our Christmas decorations down the street. I'm hiding under my bed right now, and I brought my laptop under here with me. I'm really surprised that the Internet still works, but it's signal is really bad >.>
    Is anyone else here afraid of storms/thunder/lightning/etc?
    *doesn't know if this is the right forum thing to post in O: )

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    I don't like bad electrical storms either. We get more tornado warnings around here with the climate changes than we used to and end up in the basement until they're lifted. Tornados scare me more than any other type of storm.


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    I love rain...And storms are just as good...Although if there is a tornado warnings, I get a little scared...Especially if there is one touching down near me (I feel a lot better if it doesn't look like it's coming at me though)

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    I hate storms. Have my whole life.

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    I don't mind rain stormes, but we just had an ice storm here last night, there are quite a few people without power, and they expect some not to have power for a few days.

    My house is made of brick and you barely notice storms, unless there really crazy and then they are not that noticeable in here.

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    I love thunderstorms. when i was really little, my dad would take me outside on the porch to watch the lightning and feal the thunder if it was loud enough. ever sence i've loved thunder storms, but i always make sure to be safe. boy scouts has taught me everything i need to know on how to stay safe in situations like that.

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    I like storms for the most part, it's when they get to the sonic boom thunder and the blinding lightning that I get scared.

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    I LOVE Thunderstorms.
    They are majestic and beautiful.
    It's hard to explain, but before our deck umbrella got blown over in a wind storm, I would sit out in storms and watch the lighting for hours.

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    I really like storms. I go out to my porch to watch the fairly frequent thunder storms in the summer, and the occasional lightning blizzard in the winter (those are the only times I've ever seen orange lightning (za za zing!)). Our house has a deep basement, so tornados don't really worry me much. What does worry me is floods and extremely heavy rain. My basement has a drain in the floor, so water can never rise to any troublesome level, and my house is at a nice position from the nearest body of water so that floods can never really get to us, but property damage in the rest of the town is pretty bad. When needed, I helped fill sandbags at the fire department this last summer.

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    When I was a little guy, I was scared s***less by storms. I remember being startled awake and put in the tub because a tornado was near, and after that, for several years when ever it would storm at night, I would absolutely freak out.

    Now, I LOVE turbulent weather. At some point I want to see a tornado up close (not TO close) and see the eye of a hurricane from the inside.

    It really reminds me how much power the earth has, and how insignificant we are in the face of it.

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