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Thread: NappyzRNormL is here!

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    Default NappyzRNormL is here!

    I am Seann from London and it appears I have become a "lurker" for not having visited for some time.

    Now a lurker in nappies comes over as a tad antisocial, maybe a bit of a pervy stalker.

    Well I am neither. But I have been busy setting up something big in the nappy world.

    So in a few hours when I have had the locked diaper taken off me ( ) I shall post something mindblowing and gamebreaking.

    Either the shock or the laughter could get the works going, so you better get yourself a nappy-change.

    But in truth, I am hitting on something revolutionary.

    Cheers Seann

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    Ho i can wait i am reddy for this news you bring. Your post sounds exciting i'm super excited sorry welcome by the way i lost my self in all the excitement i'm little Leo

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    Thanx 4 being interested LitlLeo. Hope what I have isn't too scary!

    Ok diaperholics! It all started as a campaign on behalf of all the nappywearers who have been "found out" and been bullied and ostracised for it, even by supposed friends. It still is a nappy right-fight but it has become fun too. I tell you nappyfriends, I had to be real brave to do this but everyone was so cool.

    The website is a WIP but still stands up as it is.

    Take a look


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