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Thread: First day of school...

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    Default First day of school...

    Not sure if it was kindergarten or preschool. But my mother has a clipping from the local newspaper with a picture of her and myself. I was just in complete terror of what was to come and not wanting to go to school.

    So do you guys remember or were you told about your first day of school?

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    Yup. Remember kinda. Mother walked me in and then I was instructed to sit in my line in the gym. It was vary bright and white. Also I never ever took a nap. I would just close my eyes when the teacher walked by so I would get a sticker. then it was off to recess. But I had my reason not to take a nap if you know what I mean. lol

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    It was a bit of a shock as I hadn't gone to preschool or kindergarten but I was enthusiastic to start first grade. My mother walked me to school and I got introduced to the teacher. The classroom was chaos before the starting bell. My teacher told me to find a seat and I did so, more or less at random. This turned out to be a problem as I sat down next to a girl and her friend wanted to sit there and had a quickie meltdown because I had ruined everything. I remember being surprised that she'd get so worked up. The teacher asked if I wouldn't mind moving and I was glad to do anything to get her to calm down.

    I had no further trouble until the Pledge of Allegiance started. I wasn't prepared for that one. The husky girl next to me (who would later be known as one of the major terrors of the playground) yanked me out of my chair and grabbed my right hand and smacked it to my chest. I really think it was more casual kid brutality than any real animus but it was pretty shocking nonetheless. The teacher thanked her for showing me how to do the pledge. My day got a lot better from there on in.

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    I was homeschooled, and no I don't remember my first day of it. I do remember being in the district administration office when my parents were signing me up or whatever. I started with the first grade, didn't do preschool or kindergarten. Odd, I only had three subjects: math, reading, and phonics I believe.

    But I do remember when I was I think 3, my second cousin's school had a day where family could visit the class. I remember I didn't like the cafeteria food!

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    I have allot of fragment memories from preschool not sure wich if any are the first day tho. ROFL, I remember staying in the bathroom until preschool let out for the day because I didn't know how to wipe my self also.

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    I don't remember my first day of 1st grade, but I do remember some of the first day of kindergarten. A friend of the family took mom and me (not sure why, we were a two-car family) to school and I cried the whole way - I did not want to go. After that, I complete blank.

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    My older cousin went to school one year ahead of me, and so I was anxious to go as well. I remember it well. This was during the 50's and things didn't always work well, like my bus. It was old, with a big stick that didn't want to shift through the gears. I was living in southern New Jersey, on the border of the Pine Barrens, and the bus went a long distance through the woods, picking up and dropping kids off. It seemed like it took a long time to get home.

    A friend of the family was my Kindergarten teacher, and she wasn't especially nice. I was a talker and she would make me sit in the cloak room. I remember nap time, and we would have to take our cots out of the cloak room and put them throughout the room. I was a night owl, and never slept during nap time.

    The school was small, having only one classroom per grade. Our classroom had big paintings on the walls depicting various Mother Goose stories. I even remember the piano in the room, and the teacher playing. At nap time, she would always play the same song on her record player, The Brahms Waltz in A Major". I still love that piece.

    I could go on and on with vivid memories. I've written some of this kind of detail into my novel, though my kids in the story are junior high aged.

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    I don't remember my *first* day of any school but I remember being in daycare at the college my aunt taught ASL. It was more like a pre-school then infants to 5 year old's type of daycare.
    the only thing I really remember from kindergarten is being read "Where The Wild Things Are" the art style is just pretty vivid and it always stuck.

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    I only went to preschool for about 2-4 days and I was still in diapers and remember pooping in a corner and then being changed on the floor. I was scared as hell and didn't go back till 1st grade. Even then I was scared to death. I remember having my first desire for diapers that day. Maybe that's the reason?

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    I don't remember my first day at all but I have many many momories of all my schools.
    I remember that in Pre-school I have to be bussed about half an hour to get to the blindness center program. I was probably late 2's early 3's. I think I was still in diapers.
    I loved school until our first fire drill in Kindergarten.

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