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Thread: Amazing Day. Thank You Daddy

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    Default Amazing Day. Thank You Daddy

    A truly amazing day daddy is now back home and we meet in town from there we went to a nice hotel where we got are very own room. One thing i will say to any one staying in a hotel room make shore you put the do not disturb card on the back of the door before having little time It was a scary moment when the woman come to put are bath towel in the room as the door opened and i jump't up and slam it shut in her face .
    I will start by saying i have never felt so little before as i did to day.
    Me and daddy made a den out of the bed covers it was fun and i giggled a lot i had lots of cuddles and had my 1st bottle feed it was very converting and mad me feel very safe and cuddly as i laid there in daddies arms and i felt very sleepy and daddy thought i need to have a nap but i did not want to i wanted to say awake and play. We had lots of cuddles tickles and giggles. Daddy was very good at taking care of all my little needs with nappy change time and generally making sure i was happy. daddy gave me a gift to my very own onesie I feel like i have been to the moon and back i am truly happy. Daddy if you are reading this thank you so! so! much for the best day ever and for making me feel so safe and cuddly. I love my Dada . Your cheeky monkey little Leo super hugs

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    Sounds like you had a great time there, kiddo. I'm jealous.

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    Glad you and Daddy had a great time. Need to find me some one soon. Am a lonely little guy.

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    nop its a real onsie its very cuddly i got popers

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    Thank you little Lulu i put this post out there as its the right place for it and there's not many people i can tell in real life lol so i like to share the good times and the bad times. The thought of making people jealous just dose not sit right with me its not want i want to do. I just like sharing my AB experience good or bad. Any way hope you are well and finding lots of new friends here on the forum super hugs. little leo
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    We're not like, upset-jealous. I think it's great you have such a cool daddy! I have a big brother who lives far away, and someone who does daddy me on occasion but I don't see very often. I'm super-stoked for you, because you seem to have found something many of us wish we had on a more regular basis.

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