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    Only two friends know about my secret, that I still have and use a pacifier. Well recently I've been talking a lot with one of my friends and she has been calling me her new best friend. After a few weeks we started trading secrets (she's bi-sexual, I said I have a fetish but I lied and said foot fetish, which I hate feet.) But she said she trusts me more than her other friends which makes me so much more special. I feel like I should actually tell her my true secret instead of the little white lie, but I don't want my secret to go any further.

    And plus I don't exactly trust the second person I told since she has lied to me numerous times about something else (having sex). But that's another story. The third person has admitted she messed up in the past but seeks to make a better future unlike Person #2 who refuses to listen to any of us about stopping sex with random boys.

    Person #1 is my friend and spiritual mentor just FYI, so I trust him with anything. Heck I even told him I struggled with homosexuality in the past, but I overcame that struggle.

    The main point is, I'm starting to trust Person #3 so much more than 2 that she would be worthy to know my deepest secret that only a couple people know (besides you all). So the question is...should I tell the third person?

    Oh, and tell me if I made this confusing. If it is I'll clarify it in a future post.

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    My question is this; what's to be gained from confiding in this case?

    Also, call them Gladys, Ethel and Roy. That should help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jankin View Post
    My question is this; what's to be gained from confiding in this case?

    Also, call them Gladys, Ethel and Roy. That should help.
    Cause its the fact that she told me her big secret and I had to lie cause I didn't want to tell her mine yet. So I feel like I don't give her the trust she says she has. And in that case, Person #1 is Roy, 2 is Gladys, and 3 is Ethel.

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