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    Default Attends

    In my personal opinion, these are the best. What does everyone else think?

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    I have always liked Attends. I didn't like the thin one that they had after one with the blue tabs. Are they back to being thicker again? would go back to them if they are.

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    I loved the Attends. They had such a babyish look and feel to them. Nice thick padding and super soft plastic.

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    I used to like them, and then they went to hell. Leaking like a sieve. I don't know what happened.

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    the last European M10's I had have a rally weird fit, the sides are huge.

    used to really like them though, super soft plastic.

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    I've been getting the regular Attends through Medicaid. So far, all of them have been defective in fluff placement. They have a machine that's out of adjustment, and they apparently don't care. It's been that way for years. They do have a somewhat pleasant scent to them, however. But that's the only credit I can give. I also got some 4" x 12" generic liners along with them, but they don't increase the absorbency nor do they add to comfort. If anything, they reduce comfort by adding a huge lump in the center of the product. I a may just throw the generic liners in the garbage, and use what ever I can of the Attends.

    I also have some Tena Ultras, which have better quality control. However, they are wafer thin and feel like an abrasive scrub pad against my skin. So, I really can't use those either. I will be seeing my doctor about writing a letter to Human Services, so that I can get an increase in food stamps when I go to purchase the next case of Abenas. I will also be getting a sample of the Bambino Bellissimo, which I hope I can have qualified for the food stamp increase as well. I can only have one brand of medium adult diaper, because the doc doesn't want me to "get confused". So, I am going to go with the best regardless of whether it's an "ABDL" product or not. I need what works for ME and my AUTISM.

    If I DO manage to get that letter from the doc, then both the Tenas and Attends, along with the worthless "inserts" will go in the dumpster. They're not even worth GIVING away.

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    I still use them for my day time diapers and I had no problems. I do miss the old Attends with the blue tapes.

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    It would be nice if Attends Health Care would at least take a more serious look at their quality control. I will try giving them a call, just to see if they're willing to listen. I still need to work on that prescription, though.

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    Attends was my diaper of choice back in the day- late 1990s until they disappeared from store shelves and before I was able to find them on the internet. Last package I used of Attends was 2000 or so- give or take.

    Attends had a better feel than Depends way back when and I liked them... I only wish diaper companies would realize that some of us do prefer a thicker diaper than a thin, flimsy piece of shit that does not protect very well. I have not used Depends or Attends in YEARS. Last time I used Depends was in '06 when on a lark I bought a bag and hid it in my backpack on the way home from work. My diaper of choice is Abena now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Honeywell6180 View Post
    It would be nice if Attends Health Care would at least take a more serious look at their quality control. I will try giving them a call, just to see if they're willing to listen. I still need to work on that prescription, though.
    If they are getting most of their money through Medicare/Medicaid or SSI/Disability I don't think they will care much about QC because their payday is guaranteed. They can cut corners and hence, cut cost on quality and increase their profit margin because getting a guaranteed government contract insulates them somewhat from consumers voting with their wallets. This is why I think contracts should be re-upped every year to make sure that the quality doesn't suffer. I could be mistaken on this, I really don't know, but I'm just hazarding a guess based on how many times other government contracts ended up being too expensive with questionable quality in the results.

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