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Thread: Newbie in goodnites.

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    Default Newbie in goodnites.

    Hello everyone. Newbie here from the us. Finally getting into the "life style" haha. Always had a diaper fetish since i was kittle. Well i Went and bought my first pack of size l/XL good nites, even tho its not a diaper gonna go pick up some of those pampers size 7 tmrw and see how they fit. I'm a skinny tall 32 waist guy. Thought I'd say hello. Ready to enjoy wearing more and more. Been in mine goodnite for about 7 hours and I'm hooked. Well thought I'd say hello.

    A little about me. I drive a truck everyday have been for awhile. Cars and anything with a motor gets me excited. I play video games of course and play amateur pro level paintball.
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    Welcome to the forums mate. Glad you've finally gotten the chance to explore some of the products out there such as GoodNites, not so sure how the Pampers will work out but best of luck to you.

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    Yeah I'm not to sure. I have a small waist and like no butt. So if they work I'll be happy. Really enjoying the goodnites.

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    I find good nights the best without spending too much. Aparantly the size 7 cruisers will fit a 32" waist but being in the U.K. I've never tried them myself.

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    Yeah i actually really like the good nights. wore them to bed lastnight for the 1st time since being like 10 and i love it. Going to prolly wear one when i go to baby's r us today to pick up these pampers. My waist is like a 30-31 in some cases and i have no butt and small thighs so im hoping they fit well. Ill post soon as i try them on, curious if posting selfies is looked down on?

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    Welcome! Always good to meet a new recruit! (LOL)

    I don't recommend kids sized diapers.... they are cute and fun... but even a 32 inch waist will have to stretch the sides a LOT. Which they do stretch and it can be done... but they don't hold very much so are not very practical. Add the uncomfortable factor to the non-functionality and even the worst adult diaper brand beats it out. (Just buy some stickers for a dollar and make an adult diaper look cuter.)

    Anyways... I can't say I am into cars much... I was more into them when I was a kid but now adays I view my time in my car as a frustrating use of my money in gas. I sometimes lean forward going down hill just to see if I can get the car to roll down the hill with no gas since I can't afford to fill the tank!

    But video games on the other hand.... well.... I can nerd it up real nice there.

    What games do you prefer?

    Again... welcome!

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    Thanks!! yeah actually just went and got them. They actually dont fit to bad, really just wanted to try them to see if i would like to step into the bigger more comfier(sp) ones. I think i like the goodnites alil better right now.

    Yeah i used to be really into the whole car scene, but again like you said time and money that i dnt have anymore. Now i just enjoy cruisen, low and slow haha. Uh well im a big console gamer.. cod, nba, forza.. you name it i prolly have it.. xbxo atleast. I think my favorite game right now would have to be dirt showdown. Sooo much fun

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    here i am. goodnites - love em
    [Removed Image]
    pampers size 7. No but coverage, have baby but crack ha. i can reach the tabs but had to use alittle help keeping them stuck, just a lil tape. wont buy anymore i dont think
    [Removed Image]
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    Hi and Welcome to the community. I want to thank you to for posting the pic. of you in the pampers 7. I know now not to wist my money. I'm 33" waist , I see that they would not fit me at all. I'll stick to my Sponge Bob duct tape for now. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    Thanks! Yeah I mean ill wear em just need like 2 small pieces of tape. Had to try and see. I guess it comes down to everyone is different. I'm loving it here so far

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    What are some good adult type diapers? Not like depends or something u get a Walmart or walgreens. More legit ab/dl style?

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    I'm new here too! I'm glad you joined people here are very nice and care about what you have to say. Keep posting strong

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