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Thread: Happy greets to you, shiny people!

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    Default Happy greets to you, shiny people!

    Hi all!

    I'm Faenna (or Jo if you like). I'm very happy to be here!


    I'm 25 and I'm very much still exploring who I am.

    See, I spent most of my life living up to others' expectations and needs, and it made me the most miserable wreck. So after a lot of inner work & healing, I decided to turn it around. Now I live for myself! To be happy! And it is INCREDIBLY freeing and wonderful.

    Part of getting from there to here has been meeting & embracing the little side of me. At first, this was very differentiated, it was like there were 2 people living in my head -- she had her own name! -- but over time "we" turned into "me" and I am not nearly so conflicted about these feelings anymore.

    The only real conflict now is deciding whether to boldly display who I am, everywhere I go, or to protectively keep it to myself. (My S/O is kind of pretty uncomfortable with it. We're working through it, but it means that "with him" isn't the place to experiment.)

    ~Why I'm here~

    So, I see this place as somewhere I can stretch out and play and learn. And continue the hunt for the perfect paci!

    The other thing is that this community is an exceptionally sweet and welcoming place. It is amazingly rare, on or off the internet. I find myself coming back to read even when I'm not in a particularly relevant mood!

    I am an (integrated) little. I relate more to the "Daddy/little girl" dynamic than anything else -- except I don't need a daddy to be my little self. I'm not much of a diaper lover really. Sometimes I wear my training pants, because they feel comfy and reassuring and little-embracing, and I often want to wear them to bed (though I don't), but so far it's not really a vital part of anything.

    Mostly, I just want to hang out here 'cause it makes me feel good!


    I'm a REALLY WORDY person and very sensitive to language. (That's why I can't bring myself to say I'm an "Adult Baby." Booo! Not cute! How about child-soul? How about sweet glow-eyed youngling? How about giggly cupcake kid?!... Anything but that! ...anyway...)

    I'm also a writer, of things that lately occupy the space in between story and poetry. Writing is a seriously powerful, meaningful thing for me, an art. Story is a language. When I was 6 I learned to read (spontaneously, I am told), and pretty much from then on you couldn't find me without a book in my hand. I can remember "drawing" books, when I was still learning to write the alphabet -- picture books of crayon and construction paper.

    My very, VERY favoritest writer is Ursula Le Guin. I swear, my heart is a purring cat when I open one of her books. Another that I really enjoy is Laini Taylor -- the experience of reading her books is close to how it feels when I'm writing my own stories. (Getting back into that, ever so gently, is another part of retrieving the rejected, fragile parts of me.)

    I also reeeealllly like people. I grew up badly isolated, with a hefty load of social anxiety for good measure, but now that I'm calmer and happier I've realized there is BASICALLY NOTHING as awesome as making new friends. So I pretty much try to do that everywhere I go!

    Because of having to claw my way out of my own childhood pain and crazy, and also because of my previous striving to make people happy, I have a deep interest in psychology & personality. Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, etc. I thought for a long time that I'd INEVITABLY end up being a psychologist or counselor, but I think I've changed my mind. I don't know WHERE I'll wind up! (and that's ok!)

    I am also ... well... a really kind of magical person. I love the feeling that there is some mysterious, reassuring thread linking everything in the world. I also connect this idea to that of souls! -- not in a religious sense, but just this: Everyone that exists has a part of them that is sacred, that is holy. And this spirit of humanness, this soul, is what lets us recognize, respond & connect to others!

    It's pretty much the most exciting and fulfilling thing to me (◡‿◡✿) I can feel the souls-or-whatever in everyone I get to know, so acknowledging the spiritual side is part of what I do. (It is also, not coincidentally, why I love people so much!)

    Other than these main things, I am the proud momma of 2 dogs, a pretty good housekeeper, recovering from codependency & depression, an Xbox + movie + music lover (oh Fable! Cloud Atlas! Mumford & Sons!), learning to sew & to bake THE PERFECT COOKIE, and quite interested in how bodies work & herbal medicine! And when it's not 100 degrees outside I LOVE to bike and run. (And knit! You would be surprised how hard it is to keep a scarf in your lap during a TX summer. )


    I'm so glad to be here and meet all you lovely people!

    How do you do? (ల◠‿‿◠ల)

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    Well, at least I didn't write the longest intro. I really think it's cool that you're so into writing in an area that hasn't been heavily written in historically. I personally am a fan of american classic literature as well as modern fantasy however I'm not much of a writer or a wordy person myself. Hopefully you enjoy the community as much as I have started to over the past few hours.


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    Hahaha! No, I am definitely not afraid of taking up space It's an improvement, trust me! I try to stay less than novel-length, at least.

    To clarify, I've never written (or shared) anything ABDL related. It's not out of the question -- it's just the interests haven't overlapped much so far. My stories and such tend to be squarely in the fantasy/magical realism/soft science fiction vein. But I read LOTS of varying things and nowadays I'm almost always in the middle of something new. I'm really interested in books that show characters in/from different cultures, because that changes the lens you see everything through.

    And I of course have a soft spot for old stories for children. Little Women, Lassie, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty, National Velvet -- and I recently bought Anne of Green Gables, which I never got around to reading when I was that age. Oh!my goodness, and The Little Princess, oh. They just have this soft shinyness I find irresistible

    In your thread though you mentioned you write a lot, except for horror? Do you mean within your RPG gaming? (Not very familiar with tabletop games!)
    If so -- My brother is a pretty non-writerly writer as well, he doesn't pursue any interest for long but I believe he did a 50 or 100,000-word post-apocalyptic story of a zombie dog... not quite my cup of tea

    I really like it here I'm glad you do too!

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    Ah, mostly I only read published articles and haven't taken any interests into any AB/DL stories as of yet, however I can't say I've ever read any of them. I personally have no talent or skills with writing stories, the most of my extent is a moderately adept taste for calligraphy with fountain pens in extent to well representing myself. Sort of a signature if you will. I have very specific and keen interests in a few certain things and calligraphy happens to be one of those areas and only in the aspect of hand writing. I could care less for any adaptations into writing formally; however I pride myself on my hand writing as it has always been a strong point of mine.

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    Hey ya Jo!

    That's a quite nice introduction you made, and anyway welcome to adisc! :)

    As I know it's hard finding that point eventually, where you start to think about what is the right thing to do for yourself, and not to live like what other people think would be best. So it's great to hear, that you've been able to manage that.

    And I'm sorry that your SO is uncomfortable with this in general, since you're still in a kind of phase of finding out what your little side is exactly and what you wanna try perhaps. Nevertheless, I don't think it's bad to keep on talking about it, even if very subtle. Eventually he's going to accept it someday. But without some information it's harder, I guess.
    Either way about what you're planning to do, best wishes :)!

    "Booo! Not cute! How about child-soul? How about sweet glow-eyed youngling? How about giggly cupcake kid?!... Anything but that!" - I just had to laugh, forgive me ^_-. But I can relate to this. 'Tis also seems way too awkward to do for me actually. I like to pout a lot, but when it comes to speaking... no, no, no, nooo, doesn't work, I'd had to laugh in this case about myself probably... Although I think it can be cute, somehow perhaps.

    Ursula Le Guin is a great writer by the way, I like her books too. Especially since it's kind of sci-fi based, but anyway it's always about a questioning that reflects what is important in a very manifold way.
    What's actually the reason that her writings are your favorites? So speaking of this "trying to find a deeper meaning", simply put, or are you into sci-fi in general?

    Getting to know people is anyway great, isn't it. And it sounds like you had a lot of positive feedback, so surely got to know a lot of people over the years, which is fantastic! =)

    And if I may ask, what's the names of your dogs? I'm always curious about that.

    At last, some great insight or help in general is always very welcome here, of course, but don't be afraid to ask about anything, if there's something you want to know badly. Have fun on adisc! =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by daLira View Post
    Hey ya Jo!
    At last, some great insight or help in general is always very welcome here, of course, but don't be afraid to ask about anything, if there's something you want to know badly. Have fun on adisc! =)
    Oh I am so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! I've been a little caught up in other things and haven't been on here, but I genuinely appreciate your message & meant no disrespect in the delay

    My puppies' names are Lissy and Si. "Lissy" short for "Felicity" which means happiness! and is what getting them represented to me, a return to loving and being actively alive and Si we had the hardest time naming, because when he arrived none of the possible names we'd picked fit him -- so he was just "Hound Dog" for a week or two before we finally found it: a character on Duck Dynasty the TV show, Uncle ..Silas(? I believe), shortened to Si, (like Sy not See) ... because our dog has in common with this respectable, oddly noble fellow, that 1. he is always talking at length and 2. no one ever really knows what he's saying
    We also nickname them "The Penitent and The Nun", because of his regretful attitude & the shape of her ears, which fold back much the way a nun's habit does. LOL

    I've thought long and hard about why I love UKLG's books so much (it is funny, the more profound something is, the harder it is to put into words!) and the closest I can come to expressing it is that it's like: the worlds in her stories are places that I was meant to live, and/or, the people in her stories are ones I should have been friends with! I find so many many things to admire in her characters, like traits I wish I had myself. And there is a sort of dignity in all of them, that they exist in their own right, not just as useful tools for the plot like chess pieces. (though her plots are great too!) Like that is why they have such interesting, insightful thoughts/conversation about meaning and such, because they are "real" people somehow. I think that kind of realness-of-personhood is something I definitely aspire to in my own writing, because it's the most important thing I connect to in others' writing. I think she just happens to be really, really good at it :P

    I do also enjoy sci-fi stories in their own right, but she stands way apart from other writers, and not just for the sci-fi-ness. I used to constantly be reading Ender's Game, Dune, lots of Star Trek books, & more I can't remember...

    As for enjoying making friends, I only discovered that a few months ago!! so I am kind of making up for lost time I suppose :P So many people are just great and I am so happy to be meeting them, and you

    There has actually been some changes with my S/O since my last posting! He is not, I think, any more okay with my littleness, but he has been er ... "indulging" some of my other "quirky traits" and he's surprisingly good at it ?! and seems to enjoy it himself ???! I don't know, but it's SOMETHING.

    All I *need* to do now is figure out how to order a proper-sized binky without starting an argument :P Everything else can wait! I am very hopeful

    Thank you so much again for such a nice welcome, daLira! I hope to see you around

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    Happy greets to you, shiny people!'

    Yay; this caught my eye... as shiny happy people is my personal theme song for fetishy & related peoples. (giggles... yeah the song's tone isn't in keeping AT ALL with that connotation, is it... consider it a musical irony and today's example of Raccoon's odd sense of humor. I suppose this would be more obvious and fitting as a fetish anthem...

    Anyway on a serious note I figured would be right up your alley,featuring, as it does, the lyics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Yay; this caught my eye...
    Oooh, thank you! Yes, I did think of that when I posted it, but it is also just soooo descriptive of me, they're just the right words! (As you can see... well, on good days anyway)

    It is so refreshing that most everyone here is super nice and thoughtful! Thank you for the music suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaennaJo View Post
    Thank you for the music suggestions
    Oh you're welcome... and here's the link Magic Man--I had meant to put in the post but I fluffed my HTML.
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    Welcome to the site from yet another writer. I have four stories on this site, the last being "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminsky", a fun romp of a married couple using hypnosis tapes against each other, all leading up to Halloween. Each year, I've tried to write a Halloween related story for the site. It started almost five years ago as a contest. Now, it's just me having fun. I have an idea for this year, but I have to find the time as I finished my novel and must now edit.

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