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    The other day i heard an ad on the radio for tena brand diapers. It was very vague and i was ten seconds into it before i noticed it was a diaper ad. What made me smile was that it was on a alternative rock station that has mosty hipster college kids listning to it. They broadcast from scranton PA. I woulndt mind tena if they had leg cuffs like depends, even if they are cloth backed.

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    Incontinence is more in the open these days. Might hear an add just about any where. A little fact I ran across is the 10% of people living in the US have some kind of IC. That is just the reported cases.

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    Chances are that quirky alternative station is one of many owned by CBS, Cumulus or Clear Channel and SCA just bought bulk airtime. In my area we have something called "The Jesus Christ Show" on Sunday mornings on a Clear Channel station, which used to have Samuel Adams beer and Mike's Hard Lemonade commercials running in that time block.

    I'm intrigued though, I've noticed the Tena pads commercials on TV for quite some time. If they decide to start airing Slip Maxi commercials I'd be mesmerized in front of the TV

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    I just saw a tena ad on tv today at work. They must be trying to boost sales. It was mostly an ad appealing to women and they were focusing on pads for bladder leakage, but they are putting theirselves out there right now and maybe it will contribute to more acceptance and public awareness.

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    Tena has been advertising quite a bit for their Tena Twist IC pads. Also KC has been advertising a lot for men's guards. Haven't seen much lately from Depend on their pullups for men or women.

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