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Thread: Suckish week evah!

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    Unhappy Suckish week evah!

    I had the crappiest week this week.

    Two of my friends are fighting, and pulled me into it, and now won't talk to me.

    I just switched classes, and now I have computing. Well, the computing teacher, Mrs. Snow, hates me just because she hated my sister.

    I also might be getting suspended because some girl said that I punched her arm and fractured it! I don't even know the girl! Of course it had to be in an area where there isn't cameras. So now I'll probably have to go to a trial and bla bla bla.

    I also got my phone taken away, because it went off in my backpack because my friend's thought it would be funny to turn it on loud and text me! My friends snuck my phone out of my bag when I was eating, and changed it. I'm so angry at them!

    And now my Grandpa is in the hospital again, and this time he's probably going to die.

    My Mom is having breathing problems, and none of the 100 doctors we went to could figure out why.

    I probably have diabetes, because I've been getting the symptoms such as extreme thirst, blurry vision, and ect. I most likely have it because it runs on both sides of my family!

    So this is why this is such a suckish week for me! I'm 13, and I'm so not supposed to have this many problems and stresses!

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    Wow, it seems really unfair when things pile up like that, all of a sudden, but you know that's how life can be. Knowing that doesn't make the feelings you have any better, but they will get better. I'm really sorry to hear about your Grandpa, and your Mom. My Mom had a problem that it took 3-4 years to partially figure out, so I know how you feel.

    Your friends, well, they'll chill, and you will all be laughing about the phone before summer hits.

    I hope everything works out for your Grampa, my thoughts are with you.


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    Most of these seam pretty normal. Not to mention you have no proof your teacher does hate you.. Really what reason would a teacher have to hate any student of there's at all. It seams a waste of time to do so.

    I never knew my grandpa's since both of them died before I was born. My grandmother died when I was about 11 or so (smoking does indeed lead to death).

    Friends are indeed mean sometimes and if you feel so strongly about them then maybe you need to take time to see if you really want them as friends still.

    But yeah, most if not all of these are problems any kid growing up faces. You really do have to deal with these things esp knowing your grandparents will most likely die before you do.

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    I wouldn't worry about the diabetes, unless you were diagnosed with it at birth.

    And I doubt you have the type older people get, and if you not way overweight chances are slim you have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    I wouldn't worry about the diabetes, unless you were diagnosed with it at birth.

    And I doubt you have the type older people get, and if you not way overweight chances are slim you have it.
    Not necessarily, my mom was diagnosed when she was pregnant with me, and she wasn't overweight at all.

    But don't worry man, things'll clear up soon, and I'm always here if you want to talk

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    Ah god. I do have diabetes. I went to the doctor yesterday, and he diagnosed me positive with type 2 diabetes. To make it even worse, my grandpa has gone into a coma, and my family is going up to see him for the last time tomorrow. My friends are all screwed up, and I don't want to talk to any of them until they stop fighting, and being jerks to me. And I have plenty of proof my teacher hates me, but I'm not gonna bother posting it because I switched classes anyways. I'm doing online computing classes. Yay!

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    That suck . Sorry about your grandpa, we all been on that road where we loose someone that we care about. As for stupid friend, I deal with that every day so your not the only one.

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    Friends cause such problems sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeeDiapers View Post
    Friends cause such problems sometimes.
    Yes they can....I know how you feel.

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    The only thing I could ever say as a form of advice is that everything balances out. It may be soon, it may be in thirty years, but it will balance out. You may not like how it will balance, however.

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