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Thread: hey guys :P

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    Cool hey guys :P

    hello I am littleGirly, I am 18 and going to school in September to be a nurse. even though I am 18 I am small for my age most people guess 15-16 to be my age unless they know me :P. I am a adult baby(or toddler ) when in baby/toddler mode I am I am 3-4. in addition to being an ab I enjoy playing certain video games (super Mario is my favorite) and ironically I love to babysit . I hope I did this right, I'm not very good at intro's sorry if I didn't do it right...

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    Hi there,

    You did just fine, it's hard to introduce yourself to bunch of strangers. I wish you luck with your studies. It says you're also a *fur, do you have a fursona?


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    um I must have clicked df thinking it was dl :P sorry I am not a fur oh and btw I love ur picture its cute thanks for pointing that put and replying I will fix, so thxs

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    Hello and welcome to the site. I have a family member who is an RN. It's a great field to enter, and you should always be able to find employment. If you decide to get your RN, you can make a good living. My wife is diabetic and on hemo dialysis. We both got our certification through UVA medical college and now do home dialysis. It's amazing what one can learn.

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    Hello littleGirly and welcome to the group.

    My wife is a nurse and a nursing instructor at the local community college. I wish you luck. Are you in a program or are you just starting on your prerequisites?

    Stay calm, Anatomy and Physiology is easy if you take it one step at a time.

    Again welcome.

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    Hello and welcome to the site! You mentioned liking certain video games, is there a sort of genre or type of game you like/don't like?

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