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Thread: Pullup type diaper for girlfriend, need suggestions.

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    Default Pullup type diaper for girlfriend, need suggestions.

    I have a girlfriend on 9 months now who I am in a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship with, and although I have been a DL for a very long time, she is just in the last few years starting to experiment with me with diapering her for punishment and for pleasure. We originally bought a pack of goodnights L/XL, and she is basically small enough that she fits in them but is absolutely probably on the borderline of being too big. We are hoping for another pullups style diaper that would fit her, and it must have babyish designs, so it ideally shouldn't be a real "adult diaper" rather a training diaper that actually goes large enough to fit her (she is maybe 130 punds). Cost is also a consideration.

    Thanks for your help! What do you suggest? FYI, absorbency isn't really a factor, she doesn't "use" them, simply is put in them

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    What is her waist size? I typically wear Goodnites XL, and I am 30". They have worked well for me over the last decade, and more. Her weight is well within the range, but I am assuming she may be a bit large at the hips, and that could make them fit a little tight if she's 34".

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