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Thread: Sorry guys I've haven't Been on!!

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    Wink Sorry guys I've haven't Been on!!

    I sorry I've had a lot to do lately.I had a concert that I just had that I have been perparing for. It's been kinda crazy. The status on me wearing the diaper well it hasn't happened yet. He wants to get comfortable ones for me which I won't complain. He is only looking after me making sure that my first long time wearing a diaper is not that uncomfortable. I've gone through it in my head over and over again and I am happy he is showing me this part of his life. The other night I was his momma it was intresting and I don't mind doing things like that for him. His parents are planning on going out of town sometime in the spring so I told him that we could do it again during that time just a little less hidden we couldn't even come out of the room. Oh well.


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    Welcome back! Let us know how trying the diaper goes!

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    I'll make sure that I will

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