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Thread: Rip in Plastic Pants.

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    Default Rip in Plastic Pants.

    So while doing a cleaning of my room, (I have a floor now!) I tore a short, about three inches long rip in the butt part of some plastic pants.

    It may not be such as issue, as diaper rarely leak from the upper butt part, but is there are way to fix such a tear?

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    Try if you must some Duct(Duck)Tape. That's what I use on mine when they might get a tear or rip. Oh by the way sorry to hear about your plastic pants.

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    I use duct tape put one peice on inside and another on the outside, it's crude but untill you wash them it's a good temp fix, but I would say goodbye to those pants.

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    Default Duh...

    Vinal heat seal... patch it...uh..use piece of shower curtain. Or.. use a repair kit for an inflatable pool item like a raft.

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    in my hous those pants would have seen their last wetting. Rips spread! You'll look like a punk rocking bondage baby!

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