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Thread: Best/Worst Christmas

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    Default Best/Worst Christmas

    Well as you all know, I almost never start threads as I'm not very creative. But this site has caused me to turn inward and do a lot of soul searching and remembering. So I was wondering, what was either your best Christmas memory, or your worst.

    I have several bad ones. The first one I can remember was when I was in third grade. I think I was getting either one of those space stations, or a gas station, something that needed to be assembled. I came down the stairs excited on Christmas morning to find my dad very upset, and my mom telling me that my grandmother, his mom, had just died. It was the first and only time I ever saw my dad cry. There would be no assembling that day, which I fully understood. I wished his pain could go away. That grandmother was full blooded Leni Lenapi Indian. I never really got to know her, as she wasn't a person a child could get to know.

    Another painful Christmas was the Christmas when I was in 8th grade. We had moved from Cherry Hill N.J. because my parents had gone bankrupt. I had had a nervous breakdown, what they now call a psychotic break, because I had to leave my best friend forever, and we really were "forever". We did everything together. The one thing we loved was building car models, going to the the local junk yard and stripping old, old cars for hood ornaments, tail lights, transmissions, o.k., kidding about the transmissions, but we just had a great time together. We were at that just awareness age, of learning about sex, and girls, etc. Life was an adventure for us. We would ride our bikes everywhere. And then, suddenly, we were apart forever. Jeff had gotten "The Visible V-8" for Christmas the previous year. So this year, this Christmas, I asked for the visible v-8. I guess I thought it would bring Jeff closer to me. I got it, and my dad helped me build it in the next two days. The night it was finished, late at night, I couldn't sleep. I came down to the living room and turned on the tree lights. I stretched out on the couch looking at the visible v-8, thinking about Jeff. My mom woke up and came down stairs to find me there in the almost dark, slightly illuminated by the colors of the tree lights. She asked me if I was alright. I suspect she knew how much I missed my best friend. She took me back up to bed.

    My best Christmases was probably as a young father, assembling starwars fighters, AT-ATs, etc., and watching them as they excitedly came down to experience the wonders of Christmas. But there was another Christmas, back when I was in college. It was the first Christmas with John, my parents newspaper boy. I came home from college excited to spend some time with him. I know I had bought him some things with what little money I had. He had gotten me a record, which was cool. It was a cold New Jersey winter, and we went out and roamed our streets late at night, pelting cars with snowballs, and running away from the mad crazed drivers. It was a great Christmas.

    I hope all of your Christmases are as fun as that one. Sorry for the long missive. Share if you dare...haha...or should I say Ho Ho Ho....

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    Our christmas always suked the old man was a drunk, and he made every christmas unbearable.

    When I got old enough I was never around for christmas, but my best memories of christmas were the last few years of my moms life I made christmas as bright and happy as I could.

    Now I go to my brothers place and just have christmas dinner, it used to be great but now all the kids are teens and it isn't as much fun as they were when they were little kids.

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    I don't know about a best christmas but my worst was the christmas of 1997 were my mom, dad and I were all sick.

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    Awww, some of these sad Christmas's are making me feel sad. I don't think I've ever had a "bad" Christmas...I'm just really really fortunate, I guess. Some of them have probably been somewhat lackluster, but none that I can remember were bad.

    I've had tons of good ones though, and they all kind of mix together after a while. I normally just remember the gifts that I got...I've gotten video games and movies for Christmas presents for the last 12 years or so. :p But it's not just's always a fun tradition to have Christmas meals, and to open presents's just all happy and cozy and nice.

    However, Christmas 2004 was particularly special for me. About a week before Christmas, another *B I knew online asked me to get him a particular teddy bear on ebay for a Christmas gift, and I did. However, while looking, I found my current teddy bear. I ordered him right away, and very wonderfully, he arrived on Christmas Eve day.

    And he was absolutely wonderful...the perfect size, perfect squeezability, a really nice smell, and very cute. I had never had a teddy bear that I felt so good about. Actually, I didn't really start my teddy obsession until I got him that day.

    Anyway...I also remember doing some other things that day...watching Princess Mononoke with my mom, going for a nice outside walk with my brother, and finishing Final Fantasy 9, which always had a great ending for me. Then, going to bed that night, I put on a footed sleeper and snuggled up with my new teddy. It just felt...special.

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    The best was the first or second Christmas I spent at my mom's house.

    The worst was last year's Christmas. I didn't get pretty much anything at all but that's not what made it bad. In fact I wasn't expecting any presents from my mom's side of the family. What made it bad was that my mom and her boyfriend/non legal husband were fighting a lot mainly about money like everyone else,

    My little half brother was pissed since he wasn't getting this or that and he was being very lazy. He even wanted me to play Metroid Prime 3 for him! I was like " I already beat it, play it yourself." (it was my Wii and games)

    So that's what made it bad. It was pretty much me and my mom against the other two. Though this time I didn't hep out as much as I really should of. Other then babysitting my brother and his friends though the Wii did that by itself.

    Still even if it was the worst Christmas I still had fun at some points.

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    The holidays can be pretty screwy for me and my family. Ive had a few f**ed up ones that i can remember little of( prob. by choice) but a funny one was a few years ago. My Mom can NOT pick out a gift for me on her own. At all. Christmas day we are eating over at my aunts house, then we exchange gifts. After the wrapping paper settles to the floor, my beautiful mother grabs my arm and drags me out to her truck, says she got me something else. ( ?? car?, safe full of money??) I open the tailgate, and there, in it's christmas glory, sits a genuine 3,500 lb capacity ATV winch! ( I know, great , huh)

    *awkward moment as I feel a tightness in my chest*

    " Mom, you know I love you more than life itself, right" (or words to that effect)

    "Son I love you, Merry Christmas!"

    * the lights go dim, and were outside*

    " I- I - I" * hangs head * " I don't have a 4 wheeler"

    * even the birds quit chirping, it got so quiet*

    "Look, I KNOW it's the thought that counts, and I love you for it, but- there is nothing I can do with that , etc. etc. . .

    And life returns to normal.

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    Best Christmas....pretty much most of them, I've always loved the season...never cared to much about presents, I just like the holiday

    However, my worst Christmas was when my cat died (or rather we had to have her put down due to a large tumour in her stomach) on Dec.23. Yeah, that sucked I didn't cry at all until almost a month later...then I just burst into tears all of a sudden :/

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    I don't know the exact year (could look it up the next time I visit my grandparents (which probably isn't until this summer)) But it was the last time I've seen the FULL family together. Last May came closest to that but I still missed an uncle and a few cousins. They all come together for thanksgiving but we cant ever be there for that due to school and plane ticket prices. Makes me sad every time I think about it. But that was the best Christmas I've ever had.

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    The worst Christmas(es) were the one of 04/05. I was locked up in a juvenile treatment facility, and I and everyone else got stationary, and envelopes. To make it worse, the envelopes were this gross green color, and stationary had basketballs and soccer balls all over it so it was pointless to write on. Most of the people I knew used the paper to smoke their weed/cigs. =/

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