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Thread: Well that's awkward!!!

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    Default Well that's awkward!!!

    I currently have my own apartment in France, where I am working at the moment. I have very few visitors and and spend most weekends travelling back to the UK to visit my wife and daughters.
    This means I have my own private space, where I can get padded, and dress up, which is fantastic... but I have become complacent and all my baby girl wear is not hidden away, dresses hanging up in my bedroom, nappies on my shelves etc.
    Last night when I got home from work, I was all dressed up and the door buzzer went!!! I shot up, undressed and pulled some shorts and a t-shirt on over my nappy and answered the door... It was my landlord apologising that he had come into my apartment to close the windows as the had been a major storm over the weekend!!! He must have seen everything... he didn't mention it, but I was so embarrassed... not sure how to play it now, do I just pretend nothing happened??

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    Just don't make a big deal about it and you should be fine. Most likely your landlord would have not noticed anything out of the ordinary anyways.

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    or maybe you should just ask him if he has ever seen the movie "victor victoria"

    When people speak of Gay Paree,
    They think that when they say Paree is gay,
    They mean that gay Paree is gay;
    It is! Not in a way Paree
    Was gay and yesterday Paree;
    It means today that gay Paree is "Gay!"

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    Rukario, he know's I'm married and he can't have failed to notice a big satin party dress hanging in my bedroom!!!! I have open wardrobes so you can see everything...
    but you're right, I will not say the end of the day, it's not illegal and I'm not hurting anyone.

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