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Thread: I don't understand DL's....plz explain

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    Default I don't understand DL's....plz explain

    So I'm a adult baby, diapers to me are cute!! I see nothing sexual about them! my ex-boyfriend was a DL and he found me wearing diapers sexy...I never understood. can someone explain to me?
    a diaper lover is someone who loves to wear diapers without the whole pretending to be a baby part....right? o.o

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    I don't know why I find it sexy. I think it's sexy when a pretty woman or cute guys goes n them and I find diaper changes sexy. Just like how men will find panties sexy.

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    It's simply someone who enjoys diapers, usually on a sexual level. The baby stuff is not included, and it's practically another sexual fetish, or another means of relaxation.

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    For DL's I think it is more like they like the fell of a diaper on them. Some don't even use them just wear them. I think the sexy part comes in by the feel of their genitals rubbing on the diaper. I'm IC and AB and my willy still gets excited once in awhile from the feel of the diaper. Most AB's and DL's like seeing others in diapers.

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    The sexual aspect is entirely independent from AB or DL. You can have sexual desires or not with either one. I've got them with both. Diapers are both sensually pleasing and an adult in an infantile status can be an enticing thing. The juxtaposition is of an adult in that role is the important thing. Obviously, a child is of no interest and really I can't see that even an adult who was completely absorbed in the role of a child would be appealing that way. There needs to be at least a little friction.

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    ask someone who like leather (in fetish terms) why? or to explain... or latex... or cucumbers... or ....

    It's VERY individual and there's no chance for a one-fits-all explanation

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    Fetishes aren't something that can really be explained. We generally have no control over their development. I've found the thought of training pants etc. to be sexually arousing since I was a young child. A commercial on TV for them could arouse me enough to masturbate. Why? Don't know.

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    I don't know, I don't really find them sexy in anyone else, I just like to wear them :P

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    Training pants are sexual for me as well. I like both diapers and training pants, and I accept that it's a fetish, a sexual attraction to the object.

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    Diapers can be sexual for me..but it takes a certain mood for me to enjoy them in that way. They're usually just comforting, nothing more. But I don't know why I have a slight thing for diapers, I just do. It's like my fetish for feet, lots of people don't get it. But there thoughts on it doesn't change my fetish.

    People have diverse fetishes that many will not understand. You might have one that I won't get, and vice versa. That's just differences of desires. :3

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