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Thread: So yah... I think i should avoid this website...

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    Default So yah... I think i should avoid this website...

    Well any way a while ago i got a link for [site] and i have been poking around on it 4 a while. But it seems that as time goes by the site gets more and more disturbing. The past few days i think have been the worst, I was looking through the diaper pics to see if any were mine (i usualy do that once every few weeks, also looking 4 anyone elses) and started clicking some of the user names to see if they had anything because some of the albums dont show up on a search. Long story short one link led me to a user who had a one pic album, i opened it and it had a bunch of nude girls who didnt look that late into there teens, so i ended up reporting that. then to see if the ones asking for more pics had anything i clicked on there names and got taken to a page of links. i opened them up and the first thing i saw was a nude boy jumping into a pool, i reported it but after that i couldnt go any further because i was to disgusted to do so. Now im affraid that i could end up getting arrested just for opening those albums so idk what to do. But yah do your self's a favor and even if you do use the site, tread carefully because god only knows what else is up there

    *Note for those of you tbdl users this is also posted on that site*
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    The site is [site]? I've never heard of it
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    Default trust me

    its just one of those things that your better off never having gone there. There are so many pictures of kids in diapers that its not even funny. But my bet is that the majority, especially the older ones, are all gotten by ill ways. ive been on that site quite a few times, but now i feel so stupid for not seeing it for what it was originally, It appears that, and has been confirmed by kevin over at db that the site is basicly a safe haven for pedos. a place for them to get their fix.
    And to make me feel even better about the whole thing apparently that site was shut down due to kiddy porn.. so yah i think its just been one of those nights.

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    You won't get in trouble because you didn't go any further. You reported it, and hopefully another pedo will be caught.

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    Never heard of it either. Thanks for the heads up though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    The site is [site]? I've never heard of it
    Me either, so I google it and it a russians photo sharing site...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post
    Me either, so I google it and it a russians photo sharing site...
    Aren't they all?

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    Yes, it is a bad site.
    It's a paedophile site, or at least it's abused by paedophiles since it's a Russian site that should be removed, but probably won't be.

    Don't go there, don't post there. Also, since you've seen those pictures, I'd suggest reporting the site to whoever you're meant to (some American authority that deals with this stuff, there's probably a website). Nothing will get done because it's a Russian site, but if you report it you're covering yourself because those pictures are illegal to view.

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