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Thread: Fears?

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    Default Fears?

    Hey I was wondering what are you all fears are if you have any and why are you of afraid of it. Mine is heights, don't really know why I am afraid of heights. Only thing that I can think of is when I was young my dad threw me up as fun but I didn't like it so was wiggling around and some how got away from him and he didn't catch me. Likely I only got knocked out for a short time. So that is the only reason I can think of why I am afraid of heights.

    Also when your fear is triggered do you feel more babyish. For me I do stuff that has high heights with friends so I am not even thinking of AB/DL things, so it doesn't make me feel more babyish.

    So what are you afraid of and why. Also does it make you feel more babyish

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    Fear of crowds . I think it does trigger my baby side because I want to craw into my own protective shell.

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    When I get afraid I don't feel more babyish nor rely on my baby side. I think this is because I am entirely focused on the fear, and what is causing the fear in order to get myself out of that situation rather than crawling into a shell. My main fears are things I know can hurt me, such as guns, car accidents, venomous snakes, and large and dangerous wild animals.

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    As odd as it would seem for an AB risky situations where I'm not in control. Specifically for me heights and water (almost drowned as a kid, so the water thing makes sense.) Rock climbing in a harness I made on a rope looped through a Piton I secured and everything is ok, but cleaning the gutters on a ladder being held by someone else is my definition of hell. Same with water, I can do whatever you want me to in a playboat, but I flip out at the lightest dunk while swimming.

    *edit* sorry, I left out the second part. No, it makes me go crazy until I'm away from the situation. This has lead to some problems, as on those occasions I'm not in control of myself I react violently to anything between me and elsewhere
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    I have a fear of heights which has been present for a long time; I'm not really sure why or how it developed, but I always think about falling, and sometimes get a little dizzy or light-headed if I'm looking over a railing or something similar. I also have a fear of bees and wasps, or really, being stung by them. I never have been stung, and I think that drives it a bit, since it can't hurt all that much. Part of it is the surprise aspect; I really don't like surprises. Even when I was very young, I always had to watch someone prick my finger, for instance, so I would know exactly when I would feel it. I can't stand horror films for that reason; it isn't the blood and gore that gets to me, it's always the jump-scares. I really do like psychological horror, though.

    As for the second part of that question, I suppose I do regress a bit when I get scared like that. I don't act as rationally and usually just try to get away from what's scaring me. If I become really distressed, for any reason, I tend to regress as well, although that doesn't necessarily make things any better.

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    I don't really have any fears as such. Like i get nervous and anxious for various reason but there is nothing that makes me super scared if I see it/in that situation. Like spiders, snakes, heights etc. If i'm feeling nervous or anxious for whatever reason it defiantly brings out my AB side.

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    My fear is drowning...

    I know why, almost did many years back...waves got a bit too big out on the big lake and didn't make it back to least not with my picked up...handy I'd say, don't know if I would have made it too much longer...

    Other than that I don't have a specific thing...

    Is wierd for me as opposed to most I know...when there is a scary or intense thing going on...I don't freeze or even feel any of it at all at the time...

    It's quite some time later till I really feel anything...

    I just go onto like a survival mode and handle what there is needed and worry about it later...

    It's done good so far, I've had more than my fair share of near death episodes so far...

    A couple of destroyed bikes, snowmobiles, race cars, one sunk boat, hell even one two seat airplane and plenty of other things like buried, even fell through a old well that was about 20' deep...

    Anyhow, the last car head not my fault.....has taken some pep outa my step...but this old bird is still cluckin...


    My two cents

    Anyhow, anyone like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen View Post
    Fear of crowds . I think it does trigger my baby side because I want to craw into my own protective shell.
    This is one of mine and i have a fear of dieing

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    I'm not scared of crowds or large groups of people; I just don't like them. But it's something that I'm learning to deal with to go to different sporting events. I can focus on the game & forget about the people.

    I also have a small fear of dead bodies. I thought about going to medical school, until I thought about what I'd have to do in anatomy class. This fear is really odd for me, because I enjoy Halloween stuff so much. Scary movies, Zombie movies, haunted houses, etc. As long as it's not real I'm OK with it. But I have some real issues anytime I've had to go to a funeral home, with is already a sad thing to have to do.

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    For me, I'll have to say heights. I am the type of person who really doesn't get scared easily, and will usually be still thinking clearly when something dramatic is happening, be it rescuing someone or BASE jumping (Neither have I done yet)

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