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    Hello everyone,

    I am fuzzyfish222. I have been an AB for over 45 years now and still love and enjoy every part of this life. It brings me great joy each and everyday to know how happy and fullfilled i am being a baby boy.

    I came to accept this side of me many years. I also have no problem sharing this with anyone who may be interested. Of course, i do not go around with a sign on my back either. But there have been times when certain things have come up and if the time is right as well as the people, i may mention a thing or two.

    I have paci's, Baba's, toys, Blanky's, lots of cloth and disposable diapers to wear and enjoy anytiime I want to. I also have activity books that i do, and I love coloring books to. I drink formula in my Baba's when I am in the moood, but other times I drink apple juice. There is something about apple juice that works magic on a persons insides. i also love to eat baby food in my sectioanl baby dish with my Bib on. There is something about apple juice that works magic on a persons insides.

    I would love at some point in my future to create my own special nursery with everything a baby would need. i think it would be lots of fun to sleep in a crib each night. i had a friend who had an adult size crib and i loved being in it.

    I enjoying many hobbies such as cooking, needlepoint, woodburning, quilling, and modle building. these alone can keep me pretty busy sometimes, so I mix them and work on several things at once for the fun and enjoyment of it.

    i love hearing and sharing ideas from other AB/DL's and like to learn things they do to have fun while being a baby. So please feel free to sahre with me.

    Well, that is a bit about me and who I am. Yep, just a big baby at heart.

    I am on-line everyday if anyone ever wishes to chat with me.

    fuzzyfish222 on Yahoo messenger

    Nice to meet you all.



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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to take a look and post when you'd like.

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