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Thread: Came out to my girlfriend and AWESOME

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    Default Came out to my girlfriend and AWESOME

    She already knows I'm genderqueer. She's never been into anybody other than men before, ever, and now she just loves it when I'm a girl. We talked kinks, and she knows I like it when she pees. She lets me wipe her now when she pees. I told her there was another kink.

    A couple weeks ago, I'd ordered a box of Cushies. She was at my house, and the box was coming the next day. I started by telling her that she was about to learn about that hidden kink. She asked what it was, so I came out and said it. I felt a little silly saying I liked diapers and being a baby, but she assured me there was no reason to feel that way. We sucked pacifiers together that night. <3

    She left the next day, and later the diapers came. The next time she came over, I showed them to her. She didn't want to wear one at first, but she diapered me. She was so sweet about it! She was very loving and nurturing. She powdered me, fastened the diaper snugly around my hips, and quizzed me on what the different shapes were called. We cuddled. She nursed me.

    Shortly after, she said I could diaper her, too. She loved it. We cuddled together, sucked our binkies, and shared kisses. Binky kisses. We drank water. Lots of water. We fell asleep together, and our hearts totally melted. Later we woke up. We both had to pee badly, but we couldn't. After a lot of concentration, I finally did. She still couldn't. I suggested we go into the bathroom, she shimmy her diaper off, pee just a little, then put it back on. It worked. We both wet and held each other. Her waddle is soooooo cute!

    Our diapers started to leak just a little bit, so we both cleaned each other and changed each other back into our big girl underwear. Then we got some more sleep. <3

    I still can't believe this has happened. What a dream come true!

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    Congrats! The way you said it sounded like a personalized fanfiction. I to have a dream like words of what you said, thinking about getting a fetlife account for that. I don't know if I will I would rather meet them in person . Anyway enjoy your future roleplay / cuddle time together .

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    Yeah, I was thinking that, too, when I wrote it. It totally sounds like one of those erotic stories. Maybe it's because I'm still awkward about the whole thing.

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    Words are words so they are going to fall similarly. Good deal on your lucky catch. I'll probably go to bed diapered tonight along side my wife, so these things happen all the time among our kind of people. The world is losing some of its inhibitions, largely because of the exchange of information.

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    That sounds like the perfect scenario. Hope you have fun with it now

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    I really hope what you're saying is true. That would mean that it's definitely possible and I shouldn't lose hope.

    Best of luck to you!

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