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    The Only thing i can think when thinking about diapers
    is comfort and secure
    I love diaper i like to wet them but not the other thing
    its just to much to handle
    at the moment i take my lil brothers goodnights because my parents dont know i like diapers yet im afraid that they will think im crazy and yell at me and send me to a therapist and put me on medication because of a? fetish? if this is what its called
    i want to get actual diapers but i dont have money for them or a way to sneak it past them or not bump into people i know on the way home
    Well thats in intro

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    Hello Comfort and welcome to the group.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of perophilic infantilism. I would suggest that you look at "understanding the adult baby" by Baby Mitchy on you tube.

    Besides the diaper situation, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your interests and hobbies?

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome i'm auzzeeno.

    i used to do that too but i just recently found out my brother has the same fetish except he dosnt like to wear them he just gets aroused by it mostly kinda like me. but i like too wear them from time to time

    and ya im also curious about your hobbies or interests

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