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    Default Any Artists?

    I just bought a new domain, I was convinced to open a site to put my stories on.

    Anyways, I need art, for my stories. I'm looking at about 10 pieces of art. I can pay $10, I have a friend who's willing to do it for that so I don't want to pay more than that. I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to help me?

    I was going to purchase stock photos, however, I don't want to hear about how having pictures of real children on my site is kiddie porn bla bla bla. So I'm going to stick with art. :P

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    I'm no artist when it comes to creating things like that... I'm a musician.

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    I'm an artist, but the only problem is I have a s***load of my own artwork for university to do up until the end of March. I assume you'll have someone by then, but if you need more thereafter I'm happy to help out =)

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    Just curious but you mean 10 total or 10 per picture? I am not an artist either but if I find a *b/dl artist I will be sure to send them your way!

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    I meant 10 as a total, lol. However, not really looking for it anymore. I ended up purchasing some stock photography, but if anyone -wants- to create something, I'm definitely open to the idea!

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    Oooh! I could do some after the school year ends! For now though, I'm all wrapped up in art for a while. I have concentrations to do!

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    Thanks Anon E. Mouse for the offer, and yes, I started one, and plan on adding to the unfinished ones I already had started.

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