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Thread: How long can you stay in your used diaper.

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    Default How long can you stay in your used diaper.

    About two hours if I am poopy but if im wet I can stay in my diaper a lot longer

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    Today's diapers are very absorbent and they wick away the moisture so you can stay in a wet diaper for awhile. I sometimes sleep in one. Just remember your powder and rash cream. Messing, however, can cause e-coli to get on your weenie and give you a very bad infection. Sorry to rain on your parade. If you have painful urination, backache or maybe even a fever, see a doctor.

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    I'm a bit germophobic about staying in a messy one so I usually clean up and air out almost immediately after it happens. Wet, I often sleep in. I tend to enjoy the scent of being wet but if it's obvious to me it has to be 100x more noticeable to others so I'll wipe and change before I leave my room. Endurance wise I can go upwards of 12 hours but feeling wet is only enjoyable for a couple of hours

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    I'm a bed wetter so I'll say 5 to 6 hours on wet ones. A messy one I change as soon as possible .

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    honestly it depends on how much time i have, usually ill stay in a wet one until its fully soaked then change, dont really do the messy thing but once in a blue moon and i change out of those ones immediately. ive learned the hard way about not changing and getting a rash

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    ya diaper rash is never fun change as soon as possible if you mess

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    For me it depends on the amount. For a small amount of poop, I might be in it for an hour or two, for a full-load, probably no more than 30 minutes or so. For pee, much longer. If I wear a diaper at night, several hours in a wet diaper, during the day, probably about the same.

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    I dislike sitting in my pee, so if I wet my sanitary napkins (I don't have diapers) I'll only stay in them for a few minutes or so.

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    Depends on two things...

    One poop...ASAP

    Two night wait till morning...
    Pee daytime...maybe an hour...unless out for a push in my chair...then when I get back...


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    The real answer is indefinitely, but in reality you cant do that. For those of us that have had diaper rash, I think it's safe to say that you are a lot more conservative with changes because it is among the most uncomfortable sensations I've ever had. Imagine having really bad swamp ass on your whole diaper area foe days at a time.

    With that said, I would advise you to change once every couple of hour but if you are really hell bent on staying in a wet diaper you should at least take it off and COMPLETELY dry yourself off before putting the diaper back on.

    For a messy diaper, as mentioned before, there are health concerns. Not to mention the fact that you will probably stink up the entire area around you if you stay in a messy diaper too long. If I were you I would stay in there just long enough to get whatever enjoyment you can out of it and then quickly change.

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