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    Recently I spoke with my wife about her willingness to role play with my little side and amazingly she agreed in a heartbeat! One aspect of this I didn't exactly give much thought to is how to initiate a specific session of role play. I told her it would be particularly fun and exciting if she sprung it on me spontaneously sometimes which she immediately did like 30 minutes after our conversation.

    My question for you folks with mommies / daddies / other role playing friends is how do you make that transition from your big self to your little self. Do you ask your partner, they ask you, or are you more random?

    How is it you pick a particular scenario to role play? Is that something you all talk about before and plan to the minor detail? Or do you give your partner an idea of your likes and ask them to fill in the details?


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    Well, the first time for me and my SO was pretty unstructured. I had told my gf that I generally liked being powerless and diapered/babied by a stronger woman. I told her I had never done a roleplay about it, but that I'd do my best to play along with whatever she was comfortable with. She had done some googling and had an angle in mind. That weekend she said she was coming over ready to play, and I left the door unlocked and laid out anything she might need. She came right in in character and introduced herself as the babysitter, said I didn't look big enough to be out of diapers, and then pulled out some toys/bubble bath that she had brought.

    Fast-forward to afterwards, and she said she was glad I could follow her lead and that she had a lot of fun. She said that in take 2 she wanted me to misbehave more so that she could punish, and I wanted her to control more (instead of asking if I wanted to take a bath or play with toys, I wanted HER to decide if it was playtime/bathtime). So I had a few scenarios in my head (different ways to misbehave) that I could pull out if an opportunity arose. I imagine she had ideas of how to put her foot down.

    To your question:
    For us it's not so much planning out the details per se, but planning ways to move the scene to where you two want it to be. We don't live together, but when she says she's coming over in character I start regressing mentally- watching cartoons or whatever. She dresses up as a sexy babysitter. We don't see eachother until we're both in character, but we do give eachother notice.

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