just a re cap
about every 3 months for the last 9 months i had a bedwetting accident where i had a dream that i was on the toilet and i let go when i woke up right after the dream i was in a puddle

so about 2 weeks ago i had another bed wetting thing but this time it was different. I had no dream nor did i wake up after anything when i woke up the next morning my bed was wet.

now this is awkward but im chill with it.

Thing is my old plastic sheet had a bunch of holes in it cause i put it on my bed wrong and it soaked into the bed :| that made me mad that morning and woke up and ordered a new sheet which is on my bed now its a very nice sheet.

Im not gonna complain about this to much as its not really anything im gonna complain about. But i am deff keeping a eye on it and keeping record of when its happening by posting about it on forums.

At this point i have a waterproof sheet and waking up with wet sheets once every 3 months is like wat ever to me. I have no real problem with it. I have a feeling it comes down to either stress or its just some random event. Like ive said in previous posts if it becomes more often and i am still not waking after it happening i may have to see a doctor about it but for now im keeping this between me and you guys and my best friend whos chill with my abdl life style.

Any who thats all i wanted to say Have a great day.

Also if you have seen this before and have any clues to what it can be please throw your thoughts this way i love reading comments .



Some one commented on my last topic saying it i could be having the dream after me wetting the bed and all of a sudden i think he might be right