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    what diaper out there holds the most, is comfy and thick?

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    Best ones in the medical incontinence corner are:


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrispaddedseph View Post
    what diaper out there holds the most, is comfy and thick?
    (I assume you mean disposables) thick is not always comfy, especially if you sleep on your side. You might also wan to think about price... price goes up as padding gets thicker.

    The thickest diapers available are Fabine, Bambino, Xplus, and AwwSoCute. The abena xplus 4's are the cheapest and easiest to get ahold of, but have a more "medial" look to them. The others are all catering to the AB/DL crowd and look better to most, with no wetness indicators and a nice variety of patterns. But you pay for that.

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    If you can get hold of them, I wouldn't rule out the Tena Slip Maxi. It doesn't start out very thick, but wet it a couple of times and it really swells. Copes well with flooding and is the best fitting nappy I've tried so far.
    I'm not a fan of the Bambino, because it takes too long to absorb a heavy flood, ultimately it holds a similar amount to the Tena, but I prefer the way the tena swells up.
    I've yet to try Fabine, I almost pre-ordered a pack today to try them out, but ended up ordering more Tena Slips instead!!

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    If you haven't already tried them. Dry 24/7's are the thickest and hold the most. I would rate Tena Slip Maxi's right up there. You may want to order some samples from XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

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    Of the ones available in the UK, I rate Tena Maxis the highest. I prefer them over Abenas.

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    Dry 24/7 diapers are the best for capacity and size. Bambino Bellisimo rocks my world in both capacity, cuteness, crinkleness, etc. Fabines are right up there with Bambino, but cost an arm and a leg. Abenas are great, but not babyish enough for me. Tena Slip Maxis are tough and durable, and have a great crinkle factor. Those are my favorites!

    I am wearing Aww So Cute diapers right now at work. I've wet them twice, and still have about 3 more wettings to go for the day. Love these diapers too, but they're pricey.

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    I can't say enough about the Abena X-Plus. They're pretty much my go-to diaper for going out places, and they've pretty much got a monopoly as my sleeping diaper. Even on my side I rarely leak.

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    Fabines (Fabine Exklusiv Die saugstärkste Windel der Welt) are the best i have ever tried. Rather expensive but worth every penny if you like thick diapers that hold a lot.
    I also like the all over new cuddlz with 2 tape system

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