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Thread: Any Real Life Friends Know Your Secret?

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    Default Any Real Life Friends Know Your Secret?

    So, just wondering who you guys know in real life that knows your secret.
    For me, I willingly told my girlfriend, and she asked me if she could tell one of our good friends. Both were accepting of it. Other than that, when I was younger, my little brother walked in on me looking at a couple websites like DD

    So what about you?

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    My situation is pretty much exactly the same. I was able to tell my girlfriend but other than that nobody else really knows about it.

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    Yes. I have told my wife, a cousin, a good friend and my therapist. This is all part of accepting who you are and how this part of you life can effect the close people around you. In doing so one can also gain control of the situation and establish boundaries and balance. Achieving that makes ones life a lot easier and less stressful.

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    No real life friends though some ex girlfriends of mine did know and my current girlfriend knows and is pretty cool with it. It's just not something I plan to share with anyone else unless they are into it because the only person I feel I need acceptance of is whoever I'm dating.

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    Wife only. This hobby is too fringe, even for those that live on the edge. I prefer to keep this as anonymous as possible for now.

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    My gf knows and ex as well...

    A couple friends know im ic but that's about it...


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    Yes, I have discussed it with a couple of people that I can see, and touch...and all of you here! You are real aren't you?? 0_O

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    My Grandmother knows, 2 Aunts, 2 Cousins, and 3 friends Every single one has been 100% supportive!

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    All my ex and current gf(live in partner) have been ok with most everything...

    Just sometimes need a break from anything...same with anything that isn't required...

    If you were a movie nut, of which I am, and you watched movies every night, you need to mix things up...

    Tonight only watched a couple shows in the theater...then played guitar and listened to music...I have 11,000watts of audio in my theater...makes a nice hi fi...

    Anyhow, back on topic, I wonder also, who talks to many people about their sexual or underwear habits...

    A friend and his wife know, I flew over to their place for a weekend of skiing and fell very ill and couldn't fly back and ended up staying a couple extra days...anyhow needed some they know...and it wasn't a big deal...

    But, I don't have many people I'd talk to about my sex life and things...just doesn't come up too often...

    I'm not afraid of being my family knows...and no one I'd care to hang with would care...

    But, yet this topic comes up all the time...

    I have two questions for everyone...including the op...

    Does this "telling a friend" give you some sort of relief...?

    Is this topic this popular because of the whole " caught in my diaper " type of thing?

    Other than a lover, s.o., gf,bf,partner,wife,husband, for what reason would this topic come up?

    Maybe I'm not hanging with the right folk?

    But, how does it go...
    Hi, nice new car dude! if I put a car seat in the back and I dress up as a baby and you drive me around?..

    Seriously, my friends have met my ex's and my current partner(gf)...they don't ask if we have whips and chains either...which we do btw...

    So, does this come up in conversation, playing truth or dare, or is it brought up by you(figuratively) to tell someone because it's taboo, wrong, disapproval, whatever?



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    Kinda. I told one of my friends a bit ago but I am not sure if he bothered to try understanding it all that much. He had no problem, but from his responses I was wondering if he actually got it (he only seemed to understand the "feeling like a kid" part and not went along with it). I was too shy to explain much further, but for all I know he may have picked up on me mentioning the diapers and pacis and stuff too. This took place around a year ago, and while he doesn't ever seem surprised or bothered by my majorly kid-like bedroom, I don't know if he even remembers lol. So yeah, a lot of unknowns that I might try addressing at some point, but I have told him lol.

    Also, ab isn't necessarily just "sexual or underwear habits" for everyone, so if it expands further there might be a reason. Not always is it a great reason, but there may be a reason nonetheless.


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