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    I was thinking about getting a onesie, but I don't quite know how the size work. If anyone could help me with this it would be most helpful. I'm around 5ft. 4in. with a 29in weight.

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    Most reputable vendors have a sizing chart for their products. If they don't go off of your shirt size.

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    I love my Baby Pants onsie. It was rather large, but I boiled it and now its perfect. Is there an ABDL store anywhere near you? If so, and you like road trips, do that. Id venture to say the medium from XPMedical should work for you. Good luck! Onsies rock.

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    It seems that most vendors want to use standard T-shirt sizing to make things easy. If you wear a large T-shirt then you would order a large onesie, etc. The more informed sites offer a more specific measuring guide to help you. These require you to take measurements of your torso. Usually your chest, waist, hips and the length from your crotch to your shoulders. If it is a custom build, then the fit should be terrific. Otherwise (and most often) you will get something close.

    Now here is problem. All vendors have a different idea of the basic small-medium-large sizes, so there will be some significant variation between them. The other problem is your own personal preference. Are you going to wear diapers with your onesie, or not? How thick will your diaper be? And do you prefer a snug fit or loose? Pay close attention to vendor notes like "sized to fit the thickest diaper". Those will more than likely be a looser fit (obviously).

    As an example, I am a 6-foot tall male, average build (not fat). My measurements are as follows: 40" chest, 34" waist, 39" hips and 31" torso (crotch to shoulder). I prefer a snug fit and I like thick diapers. I have purchased size medium and large from different vendors. All seemed to fit well. The secret was paying attention to the size charts. The only failure was the Aww So Cute onesie. Only T-shirt sizes were given and the large was too big, even after laundering. Not a complete disaster, especially when I decide to go extreme on my diaper thickness.

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    Im just under 6' and 250lbs...

    I wear a size medium from xp, the 4care's snug but just right...

    I have some large one and feel they are too big, I want my onesie to fit, not be loose...


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