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Thread: Does this sub-forum have much active membership?

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    Question Does this sub-forum have much active membership?


    I'm new to Adisc, and I am also new to incontinence. I'm looking for advice, but there does not seem to be much activity here.

    I've been a bit of a DL most of my life but recently I have lost all bladder control. My doctor has not yet been able to determine any reason for this, but I am wetting myself, from my perspective, almost constantly. (If I have to put it into numbers, I say 10-20 times a day because it varies depending upon what I am doing.) I generally have no warning whatsoever--a couple of seconds at best. There is no chance I'm making it to a toilet. And it doesn't even matter if I've just changed and emptied my bladder. On many occasions, I have put on a new diaper right after making sure I have nothing left, only to find myself helplessly wetting it minutes later.

    I'm waiting for another response from my doctor about what the next step is, but I thought I'd ask you whether this sounds familiar. Is this what it is like? I mean, OK, if I am going to be in diapers for the rest of my life then I guess I can handle it (though the speed with which this came on--not to mention the speed with which diapers went from occasional fetish to inconvenient permanent necessity--has been a bit overwhelming), but I just want to know what is happening is "normal" for whatever segment of "normal" I have found myself in.


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    Sure, plenty of members. I am sorry that you are having issues. Eventually it gets easier though. Once your doctors figure out what is wrong with you they may be able to help treat you and perhaps improve your symptoms slightly. The biggest way to improve your life though is to take care of the things you can control.
    Things that you control:
    a. which type of diapers you wear
    b. your diet if applicable
    c. your attitude about the incontinence thing. People at ADISC supporting you may help you feel better about this issue. Trust me you, will be less bothered by your issues as you get used to dealing with them more effectively.

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    There are a lot of members that visit this forum. All of us will try and give you advice where we can. Hopefully you can get some help from Dr's you are pursuing. I hope they can find your problem
    and get you on the path of getting back to normal. I know for myself sometimes I change into a dry diaper and wet shortly after I finish the change.

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    Your quick response was a joy. I was worried because the next newest thread had a most recent response of several days ago...


    I think my attitude is pretty good. Being a long-time DL helps here: I'm not afraid of diapers at all. I don't think of them as a terrible, awful thing, as people outside of the community probably would. So that's good. And because of that, I'm not reluctant to buy [I]good[I] diapers: the kind you can wear through multiple wettings. If I were someone else, I might find the idea of being in a wet diaper so revulsive that I could not use a Tena Slip Maxi or an Abena M4. I'd be forced to use Depends or some such thing that works pretty well, but only for one wetting. I used the Depends Silhouettes when this began: nice idea, those. But of course you needed to change them right away, and of course you were in huge trouble if you wet them heavily. (Not that I ever have that problem anymore: I wet so often now that wetting heavily is no longer an issue.)

    What really bothers me is not understanding this. And not knowing if I am doing the best things.


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    If you are senior doctor there is no wrong thing to do. You maybe new at this but you sound like a pro. You remind me a lot of how I started out back in 2010. Except I really wasn't a DL
    To be honest this is not a great support forum for incontinence. It's useful to some degree but I personally find the forums More helpful than 80 ISC.
    If there's any advice I can help you with feel free to send me a message.

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    Thanks, Garrett.

    Curiosity. Which speech to text app did you use that butchered that post? :-)


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    I'll punch in here as well. Though I'm not incontinent, we are a good support group, and even though this forum isn't used as much as a dedicated incontinence board, we have a lot of IC members and they do contribute well in the other forums. I would suggest that you read the many forums and posts and draw your own conclusions. This is a good site in that we're sort of like family. We discuss almost anything and everything, so give us a try and see what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    Thanks, Garrett.

    Curiosity. Which speech to text app did you use that butchered that post? :-)

    Hahaha. That would be Siri on the iphone. I type better on a braille keyboard than a touchscreen. Siri is good, but still hasn't quite got everything figured out.

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    I'm checking this section too... And besides, even if it may not be that active. I guess a lot of people may have an idea at least
    (Come to think of it, perhaps ADISC could use a bigger promotion for also being a IC support website... though that's hard, since... well you know I guess, mostly..., sadly)

    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    I'm waiting for another response from my doctor about what the next step is, but I thought I'd ask you whether this sounds familiar. Is this what it is like?
    Do you have a diagnosis at all? I mean incontinence is a symptom and not a disease by itself, so it has a cause. Besides it's still good to know which "form" of IC you have, too.

    Anyway... um, what's your question exactly?
    This sounds somehow like: Is this everything? Somehow... sometimes I feel the same and some doctors handle it that way, so the best answer for me has been so far: "We can't fix it, so it's that way, (deal with it)."
    However, especially urologists tend to exaggerate in contrast to this. So they'll throw tons of medicament's at you and think that wearing any kind of protection is unworthy (where I don't disagree, to some point. If you suffer from it and perhaps something helps in the end).

    My basic advice is, if you're not fine with this situation: Talk to your doctors and if you got your diagnoses on paper, go visit someone, who's specialized eitherway for IC and your underlying disease.

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