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Thread: My job stinks, (The accident incident).... public defication

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    Exclamation My job stinks, (The accident incident).... public defication

    Ok so I have to let you know about something that just happened at my work. This is a story you will have to hear to believe.

    I work at a YMCA so we rent out space to local churches that do not have any other place to meet. A new Church was just starting in our basement Multi-Purpose Room. The group came in among witch was one gentleman whom with the rest took our elevator to the Basement. About 10 min after he went downstairs he and a younger man came back into the building. This got my attention being that the door at witch I was standing was the only entrance. Though there was another door that could be opened from the inside though it was suppose to set off an alarm if this happened.
    The two men went to the restroom upstairs and the younger one asked me to tell his friend were he was when he was done. This would have been fine though there was about 20 min before the door opened. When the man finally left the restroom, and once again went down the Elevator.

    A few moments later another family was directed down the elevator at witch time the three children all started saying EEEEEEEYYYYWWWW, as soon as the door opened. There was a large pile of Poop in the Elevator. My self and the Manager tried to pull the guy aside though we could not prove it was him. Though while we were doing this another employ tried to use the same restroom as him, though the Floor was a huge puddle… and feces all over walls and toilet. We just could not get over it, though now we have proof as to whom it was, so I decided to go downstairs and try to ask the guy to come out of service. As I was going down the stairs and through the hallway I noted that there was also Piles of Poop through the halls and in our stairwell. Also in the antechamber in front of the emergency exit, from that room all the way to the room that held the service. Also down the 30ft hall to the elevator. Let us just say that in all of this there were three people cleaning up the mess and it still took 1.5 hours to get it all up, not to count the 4 hours to have a cleaning crew come in that night and disinfect.

    He is what makes it so ironic. Everyone was worried that the man was incon. To Darkfinn and me however it truly seems that this person planned this public display. Let us just say that for the amount of mess that was found and for him not to have been noticed in the service based on the smell he dropped his pants to make every bit of the mess. There for I can only imagine it was a fetishist act. All I can say is this to that person.

    Thanks, no really thank you, now I can make every joke I every wanted about my life in diapers and there is at least one person is thought to be odder by the people that I work with.

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    I just sat there on the phone with the cleaing crew for the rest of the day pointing out that we could not say anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
    But seriously, how do you shit all over the entire building?
    Easy, just pull down your pant, take a shit, and start putting it everywhere. I know people who cover the freshman locker at my school with shit once.

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    That's, erm.
    Well, obviously, I.
    You see, there's some..

    ... *walks away from lack of what to say*

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    Wow, I mean . . . whoa. What? Really? I. . . no. Really? Seriously? I have nothing to say to that.

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    To smear it all over the walls shows it was deliberate, not a case of Incon. LuvsGurl, this story is completely believable after the Youtube vid I happened across the other day while looking for some about old elevators: YouTube - Police tape Woman Employee Shits in Elevator

    Gross!!! And that person wasn't even a stranger, but rather an employee of the building! Wish you all could have cuffed the stinkers and made them clean up their mess.


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