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    Default intro!

    Hey there...I'm a lurker....(altogether the group says, "Hi Lurker")

    I'm shy, cautious, curious, etc. I've been into dp's for about a dozen years off and on, it's tough, it's emotional and it's frustrating at times, but I keep getting drawn into it all.

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    Well, in any case, welcome to ADISC. Make yourself feel right at home. Post in any threads you feel obliged to.


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    Just to let you know, using your energy to battle this part of your personality is an absolute waste of an energy. I have been involved in the only community for about a decade and have never seen or heard of anyone succeed in 'curing' themselfs. Hopefully you can see that after long 12 years of it not working. Just a peice of advice from my heart.....just finally let go and accept who you are, because all that fighting will do nothing. Even if you do stop everything it still will not leave you alone because you will still think about it as you have came to find out.

    Anyways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here, and I hope that by coming here you will learn to accept yourself.

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    hello i was a luker to XD

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    Hi there!

    I was gonna say weren't we all lurkers at one point - even for a second. But then I just jumped in feet first when I found TBDL/ADISC.

    And I find there's a lot of ups and downs when I think about myself and "dps" but it's who I am. So my advice is just go with the flow and make the most of it.

    Happy posting!


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