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    I'm in the US, trying to give cloth-backed a try.. and would like to know the most breathable cloth backed diapers on the market, the most absorbant, and most comfortable. If you can help me out, please speak up. I'm almost a total newb with cloth disposable diapers and need to know the best ones out there!

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    The Tena ultra and super are both good options. I use them for daily use and they hold up well and have good absorbency.

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    I used to hate cloth backed diapers but out of necessity i have had to start wearing them during the day.I currently am using the new Tranquility "Smartcore" and the Medline Fitright ultra, the tranquilitys are more absorbant but the fitrite is alot more comfortable. They are both cheap and discreet however they only last between 5-7 hours but for the price i cant complain!

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    I once ordered a sample pack online of adult nappies and one of them was a 'Lille' brand. It was either a 'classic' or a 'supreme', I'm afraid I can't remember. Anyway it was cloth backed and I found it had a good fit and reasonable absorbency. Hope this helps
    Also I don't know the availability of this brand in the US but it seems relatively popular in Europe.

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    I'm also curious about how breathable the briefs listed are. I'm looking for a good summer diaper. Also, do abena or molicare cloth hold up as good as tena?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lullingsea View Post
    I'm also curious about how breathable the briefs listed are. I'm looking for a good summer diaper. Also, do abena or molicare cloth hold up as good as tena?
    Both the ones I listed are about as breathable as you can get, the tranquilitys are actually treated with something to help existing rash and prevent any more from occuring. As far as the molicares you asked about they are REALLY good, I used them last summer when I lived in fort worth and only stopped because they got too expensive. The abenas dont know about but i just so happened to have ordered some of them today so i hope they are better than the original breathable abenas and i have heard that they are much better.

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    I have not tried cloth-backed Abenas but I've tried Tena and Molicare, and I like the Tenas better; they seem to have more sap and will clump less when wet. To keep extra cool you might want to try Tena Flex instead of the slips.

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