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    Ok so I signed up a while ago and having just been branded a 'Lurker' I've taken the hint and here Is my Introduction! Sorry if it's an anti-climax, i'm just not a very exciting person :P. So I live in the Uk, I am and have been for the last hmm... ages , a DL. I am soon to be a student so my DL side is beginning to come out more with easier access to nappies/diapers. I have a long term OH who not only accepts but happily participates. My preference is for disposable and I use both adult and baby diapers (I juuuust fit into a pampers size 6!). As I write this I'm wearing a Tena maxi, my favourite adult nappy just to celebrate this little introduction! So yeh In terms of cliche' hobbies I'd say I love films, love books even more and I think my other main hobby is pretty obvious since I'm here . I do the DL thing normally only once a week or so although when convenient I end up doing it most days of the week, although as you have heard I spend a little time most days 'lurking'. So there you have some things about me. Can I stop being called a lurker now? .
    Look forward to making new friends

    Ps soz for the amazingly un-original username, I got writers block when I had to choose one :L

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    In response to someone who pm'd me, I can't reply I need to be an established contributor. However as an answer- no I'm not, it's just a common text word that slipped out I suppose :P

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    Hi and welcome to the community.

    Don't worry about the lurker label. I also spent quite a bit of time looking around and learning and ended up getting the label also. I then had to join up, which I am glad I did. There are quite a few good people here and I enjoy reading and sometimes joining in the conversations.

    What genre of films and books do you like the best? I like the classic westerns, some of the older sci-fi's also.

    Once again, welcome and I hope to see you around the community.

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    Hey, I like historical fiction for both films and books. Same with the westerns but I'm not so into sci-fi.

    Thanks I look forward to playing a more active role in the community

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