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Thread: Bedwetter in need...

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    Post Bedwetter in need...

    Hey all, I have a question.
    In your opinion, what's the best diaper to wear overnight?
    I've been using Depends Super Absorbency, and lately, they've been leaking on me. Luckily I do my own laundry, so my Grandparent's don't notice that I'm frequently washing my sheets.
    Please help~!

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    - Get plastic sheet cover thing
    - Double up, or get booster pads
    - Get better diapers (although you probably couldn't find any better ones in stores)
    - Plastic pants (not in stores either)

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    You'll have to go the mail order route, and look to Abena. My experience with their X-Plus Air-Plus is that the tapes tend to hold better without tearing than with the standard X-Plus. Others will chime in...


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    Ya, depends aren't all that great...but, my advice is if you can't order better diapers online, double up with the ones your using.

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    Depends not that very good of a diaper, but if that the only thing you can get, I suggest double up until you can get a better diaper.

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    Definitely get a plastic sheet, bed pad, or something to protect your mattress.

    Get some Depend Boost, diaper doublers, or something to increase absorbency (those are cheaper than doubling diapers.

    Get better more expensive diapers online.

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    I have never tried Depends Super, but you might want to invest in the Maximum Protection Depends, if that's the only store brand you can access. They're large, crinkly, plastic, and have six tapes. They are noisy, and near impossible to hide, but the extra absorbency is there. If these don't work out, try any of the above ideas. Good luck!

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    Look around at other stores. Try to find other brands, and if you can, try them out. Keep trying till you find one that matches your means and needs.

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