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Thread: What was your first diaper experience after toddler age?

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    Default What was your first diaper experience after toddler age?

    I recall my first diaper experience when I was around 5. I was in daycare. It was nearly time to take a nap, clock was around 12. Before changing to sleeping clothes, I realized that I had wet my pants a little. The nurse also noticed that and told me to look for an extra pair of underpants from my bag. While I was quickly searching for knickers, the nurse said: "If you don't have any with you, we do have diapers here for those, who still wet their pants". I was horrified about that thought and tried harder to look for those knickers. When I understood that there was none, I had to give up. I said that I didn't have any. The nurse replied: "well it's off to the nursery with you". I was totally embarrassed while she carried me to the nursery that was in the younger kids side and placed me on the changing table. Then she put me in plastic pampers. It felt kind of nice. Then I went to sleep and got diaper taken off at home. I remembered that scene again when I was around 14 and got interested in diapers again. How did it happen to you?

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    My first experience started at my cousins' house. She was around seven or eight at the time and had a baby sister who had diapers. I was staying the night at their house when she decided we should wear her sister's diapers to bed. I ended up wetting mine and liking the feelings I had from it.

    however, I didn't know about the ABDL community until just recently. So, at the time I didn't get into it look I should have.
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    I was six, or nearly six. My younger sister was potty-trained, I believe, but still wore diapers to bed, and so there were cloth diapers and other diapering supplies in her bedroom. I don't remember when my interest in diapers began, but this was when I first indulged it. I took a diaper, some pins, and some plastic pants from her room, and I put them on. I don't remember much about the experience of wearing that first self-applied diaper, but it was obviously quite enjoyable, as I ended up doing it many more times. At some point, I began wetting the diapers and dropping them in her diaper pail, which seemed to work pretty well.

    My mom did find a wet diaper hidden under my bed once (I think I simply hadn't found an opportunity to put it in the pail), but I don't recall getting in any kind of trouble. Rather, the diaper was simply taken away and I got some funny looks. In general, my parents were fairly liberal-minded and tended to let us follow our curiosities, as long as they didn't lead to dangerous activities or cause us to get bad grades in school (my parents were both teachers).

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    The first time I had an experience after I was potty trained was when I was at my grandmother's house and saw my younger cousin had some and I remember wanting them. Other than that the first time I actually did anything like wearing I was a teenager and made a homemade one. The first real diaper I wore that I had bought I was 19 or 20 ish I can't remember but wasn't too long ago either.

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    Well.. I had a friend, still unsure if we were actually bf's.. at 12. But he was fascinated by his sisters diapers. He had younger sisters and one was still in diapers at like 7, always having accidents. He liked to sneak some of them and have sleepovers at my house, with me diapering him. So cute, so adolescent sexual, such fun roleplay. Pretending to be his babysitter.

    I still cant fully explain all the feelings that it brought about in me. But it left its mark, its 18 years later and now im a gay man with a husband and we have an adult baby girl as my forever-toddler to love and take care of.

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    to make a long story short. I was Diaper disciplined around four for having a messy accident. I had honorably gut issues and my cousin argued with my mother until I was put into a diaper. Some time later I had another one of my gut cramps and messed my pants. I got a towel and a pair of my mothers underpants and crawled into the bathroom cabinet, cleaned myself up and put the towel on and the underpants over them and hid in there for a long time and cried because I knew if they found me I would get a beating and put into a diaper even thought I did it for them.

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    Not sure when I first used a make shift. (very young) but first time I got a real diaper was a vending machine in walmart restroom at around 15 I think. I smuggled it home by pushing it threw a hole in my coat pocket, inside the coat its self. I took it out later that night and wore it in bed. Not sure what size they are, they are almost same size or little bigger than pullups, but didn't have to mod it so was great.

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    I don't remember for sure but mom might have put me in a diaper for overnight when I was 10 years old. I had major bowel surgery and after I came home from the hospital.
    She would have done it mainly for extra protection. I was still fully bandaged up at that time. Those would have been cloth as there were no disposables.
    Otherwise it wasn't until my 60's when I had to have something for my overnight dribbles and occasional wetting. I was using Depend Belted Shields at the time.

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    Having always been interested in nappies (and having the all too familiar sense of fascination when I saw my cousins having their pooey nappies changed), my first real "experience" was after I'd been back from a long stay in hospital, and the thought of them came back to me. My sister had a Baby Born doll, which came with a set of nappies, and I stuffed a couple inside my underwear (it was at that point that my dad came upstairs. Luckily, he didn't see anything, but I could tell that he was wondering what was going on)

    I dabbled with ABDLism for a long while after that (looking up abdl pictures), but it was only when I joined ADISC and started exploring it a bit more that I had my first real one (but that's outside of this thread's subject area anyway :P )

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    I was an occasional bed-wetter until I was 5, I never wore diapers/nappies at home, just a waterproof sheet on the bed, but I remember my mother telling me that I would be wearing them while we stayed at a family friend's cottage during a summer holiday when I was 4, because they were concerned about the risk to their bed and not wanting to do laundry while we stayed there.

    I remember on the first night there my dad put me into a Pampers, my sister watching, and waking up dry: my parents took the diaper off me and left it on the top of the dresser so they could use it again the next night - but, if I remember correctly, they didn't put it on me for the rest of the holiday as I was consistently dry.

    I remember wetting myself in my sleep when I was 5 (after downing a 750ml bottle of Pepsi) and falling asleep in the car - but there was no talk of nappies then.

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