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Thread: when did you know

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    Default when did you know

    I know it had been there for a long time at first it was just barking and growling at people I did not like. Then it slowly evolved I had no clue it had a name till I joined adisc

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    When I watched a cartoon with funny animals and thought 'hey, this is neat'.

    No growling or barking like a loon necessary.

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    I kind of knew recently. I have always had a thing for furries because of how awesome they were. I noticed now that there are times when I meow like a cat all the time and love to wear hats with ears. I started getting into it a lot more not too long ago. I don't know if I call myself a furry just yet, but I do know I enjoy being around them as well as enjoying a lot of animals with human qualities.

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    *scritches Chessie without even thinking about it*


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    Ever since I was a child, really.
    Preferred stuffed or figurine animals to dolls or what not anyday.
    Use to pretend I was an animal or RP'd as animals from books or anime/TV series.

    One day I realized I was a furry back in 2006, when I came across a few furs on Furcadia.
    One, who ironically enough was a babyfur, told me about the fandom and how I pretty much was a furry.
    We befriended and joined a furry forum website his mate created at the time.
    From there I learned, socialized, and grew with the fandom.
    Once I graduated High School I got REALLY into the furry fandom, particiapting more by meeting others and getting work done of my character.

    As for the baby/diaper fur stuff, I've always had a mild or slight interest in it.
    Always read or lurked about in things dealing with it since I myself didn't know how I felt.
    Heck, I actually joined this website in November of 2010.
    One of the reasons I've started to become more active with trying and identifying as such was because of my Tapio, my mate, whom told me of his interest with the community and wanted to try.
    And of course, I was more than happy to oblige and lead him here. (:

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    I used to pounce, tackle, preen, and do other furry-type behavior when I used to chat. It was something I did to lighten the mood, and it kind of stuck. There were others who identified with other types of animal, and when things were quiet it was a non-obvious way of seeing who was around and who was afk, or to let everyone know you were lurking.


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    Since I could talk walk or anything lol, as a child I had dreams of these great creature in the dreams I was there young being taught how to be like them, I liked to sleep a lot back then loved the dreams more then real life, I didn't know what they were till I seen one at a store when I was 9 I learned I was a dragon that day, I mean I knew always hut I finally knew what I was called LOL, but being a little.fur came later on to express it but inside I knew that from a young age as well was put in a diaper at a baby sitters (was playing the "baby" whole playing house with her daughter I was 4 she 5, she told me to put a diaper on and be a baby) while trying the baby sitter caught me and put me in one till my patents got there woupdnt let me use the bathroom I rode home wet I was upset that I was being punished but was ok with it at same time since the. Idk I enjoy being a hatchling again lol...

    Probably more then u asked for so I stop rambling now

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    I have had furry interests for years but I did not start identifying as a furry until six weeks ago when preparing for Anthrocon. After learning more about the fandom, I realized that though my interests were not as strong as others, enjoying furry artwork and cartoons with animals made me a furry.

    By the way, I recently found out that my view of furries was incorrect. I thought that all furries exhibit animal behavior. I now know that most furries simply have an interest in anthropomorphism whereas animal behavior is more commonly associated with therians. I wanted to clarify this for anyone else that may be confused.

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    It wasnt until a few years ago that I decided to become a furry, but I always liked animal shows more then anything else and I enjoyed acting like a dog/wolf when I was a kid and I still feel like I have animal instints lol and I act like one sometimes i like the think. I always wished I was an animal. And diapers? I've always been interested in them pretty much.

    I've always liked anthro too, which is why I like checking out new fursuits and reading fan fictions and art.

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