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Thread: Abena Abri Form M3s in Canada?

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    Default Abena Abri Form M3s in Canada?

    Hello, I was wondering if any one knows of any M3 vendor that also ships to Canada without outragous shipping fees. X-medical does but the fees are ridculous.

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    If you are in the GTA area, go to Glen Erin Pharmacy. They have an extensive diaper collection. If you're not there, I understand that is reliable and a reasonable price (I haven't used them myself). I have been to Glen Erin a couple of times and they've always had a full stock of Abena. I haven't been, but there is a store in Ottawa (Quality Life Services). You can google map and actually see the inside of that store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Age Comfort and B4NS both have M3s last I saw.
    I've ordered M4s from Age Comfort before. They delivered and the price was fair, but be warned: they will send you junk mail. I get their catalog a few times a year despite requesting no mail when I ordered, and efforts to cancel it. So if you go with them, be ready to receive junk mail! (Thankfully, it's not just diapers, but general senior-care supplies).

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