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    Well I just spent an entire week in diapers. I did it because I had the opportunity. My mom and sister are on a trip for a while, so it's just my dad and I at home. He doesn't snoop and there are plenty of opportunities to throw out my used diapers. It was a pretty good experience. I did everything in them, and I have not used a toilet for the entire week. The diaper I am using is the green Tena maximum protection diaper. They are a good diaper overall for being a diaper I got in a local pharmacy. I went through about 4 a day. One for the night, morning, afternoon, and evening. I wore some basketball shorts over my diaper and under my pants so even if my shirt rode up the diaper waist wouldn't be seen. I shot fireworks for fourth of July in my diapers. I went to work and class in them as well as the store and bank. They felt like normal underwear to me after awhile, like a perfectly normal thing to change in to another diaper when my old one was wet or messy.

    There were a couple of annoyances. I had to get some diaper lotion, cause I was getting close to a rash a couple times. The most annoying was getting "excited" down there a lot, and it made it hard to go and was uncomfortable sometimes. The gym also posed a problem. Since I had a big bulge because of my "excitement" I had to stay away from some workouts. I think I'll have to refrain from diapers when working out. Overall, it was a good experience and I guess I'll keep going for a while longer. I recommend it when you have the chance.

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    Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes when (Pee Wee) has a mind of his own it can get interesting.

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    i always run into these same annoyances when trying to go for 24 hours or more. ive found that when mini me needs extra room nothing works like having extra room, idk about store diapers but abenas definitely allow him some extra wiggle room whenever he needs to breath.

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