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  • FPS/Action

    59 38.56%
  • Driving/Arcade

    11 7.19%

    66 43.14%
  • Facebook

    3 1.96%
  • Indie

    3 1.96%
  • RTS

    11 7.19%
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Thread: Nappied Gamers. How common and on what genre?

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    Post Nappied Gamers. How common and on what genre?

    Hey guys i want to find our what genres and how common ab/dl gamers are...

    Just a simple poll.

    I may say a few things but i play MMO/RPG and a few other genres too. My fav is FPS games though! You cant beat the immertion and awesomness of the fps perspective.

    My fav games are Battlefield, Half Life, Crysis and most other truly great fps games.

    Dont get me started on Call of Deception....

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    heyy nappiebutt1993, good to see another padded gamer. Im a fairly new dl but I cant go 2 days without my xbox most of my fav game are from the MMO/RPG genre Lol sorry not FPS/Action (accident) although comes a close second for me

    No Spray and Pray, only Headshots

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    While it's not a genre, I am primarily a retro gamer. Currently I've been playing Perfect Dark on the N64. There's also all the other more cartoony games by Rare like DK64 that make me feel regressed.

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    RPGs mainly. I love the SNES era RPGs, the detailed towns and worlds with large parties. I'm solid at RTS and FPS games, but I only play them when playing with/against friends. You have no clue how many college nights were spent with C&C RA2 Yuri's revenge.

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    Wish I could choose both Indie and RPG and Action - me and my sister are really into Skyrim, and I'm a big fan of things like the Kerbal Space Program etc

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    Borderlands on 360, Ocarina of Time on the N64. the only games ive been playing

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    I have historically loved Bethesda titles. Then there is that 5 year black hole I spent with world of warcraft too...

    I used to be good with the call of duty franchise on computer, but I dont have time to play enough to not get murdered.

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    I usually wear diapers whenever I'm playing an MMO. Jus' makes more sense that way! My entire raid usually knows o.o Had a few of the others in diapers, too, cause of the practicality...

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