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    Hello. I've been on here before, now I'm back. I tried the whole "taking a break" or "stopping completely" even after finding someone who accepts me for me. Sadly, due to our log distance relationship and other key factors I've been single for awhile now. But, life goes on and I think I'm ready to get back into Diapers! I've had some problems with socializing outside of the house but that's all good now and I feel like I can enjoy this to the fullest in a healthy manner! Woohoo. Now the only thing left to do is to move into my own place... Trouble with roommates has forced me to move in with my parents temporarily, let's just say too much drinking and drugs leads to problems...

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    Hey and welcome back. I know what you mean about drugs. I played in a very good rock band, but the lead singer and guitarist was putting his profits up his nose. You never knew who you were dealing with from week to week. After 15 years I had enough and "retired" from what was a very good band. I do miss the playing, especially since we were all professional, but I don't miss the late hours and moving equipment. Anyway, drugs are good things to stay away from.

    I hope you have a better experience with wearing diapers and can maintain your self acceptance. As for finding an SO who accepts, it isn't easy but it is possible as many on this site have done just that, including myself. I wish you good fortune.

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    I'm pretty new here (less than a week) so it's great to see a fellow Canuck on this site. My niece just moved out to Alberta.

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    Welcome! I think you'll find great support on this site; I know I have. I myself have sometimes wrestled with my desires of wearing diapers, even doing the usual purging or abstinence cycles, but this community is very welcoming and understanding. Also gotta say that I love our wild, exotic neighbour to the north. Never actually been to Canada, but I'm quite fascinated with it. You're probably too young to remember the BMX cult-classic "Rad", but it was filmed in Cochrane. My building manager himself is from Edmonton. I've sometimes struggled with balancing my social life and diapers, but you seem like you've managed and I hope to be able to do the same. Good on ya and welcome!

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    Edmonton raccoon here, looking forward to diapercamp coming up this weekend... Were you at Fur-eh? Should you have been? If you were I was not the raccoon in the fursuit; but I was there with the Calgary padded people, including a tiger babyfur
    - and yes, that's where I got this super-cool and groovy Marcie badge I now proudly show off as my avatar

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