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Thread: guilt after buying for the first time? ;_;

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    Default guilt after buying for the first time? ;_;

    y-yeah, basically...w-what the title says. u////u i recently placed an order for a free sample, and immediately after ordering them i was plagued with a feeling of anxiety/guilt.

    this may be because i still live with my mother (though she works most days of the week, and has agreed to let me have my privacy, i still feel she'd be suspicious), or it may be because i have a nervous disposition naturally...

    has anyone else gotten this feeling? ...does anyone still get this feeling? (okay i worded my inquiry oddly, i know someone's had to feel this way ._. but i'm just curious)

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    Every time I get my nappies, I get the very same thing. It's dampened down a little over the past couple months of occasionally getting/wearing/using etc, bit it's still there.

    I think the only sensible thing I could say is that this anxiety will get smaller, and you'll get a bit used to it a bit.

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    Perfectly natural. thats what drove me to tell my mother.

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    Oddly enough, that was what made me tell my mum...*coincidence senses tinging*

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    Hay there i got my 1st nappy when i was 10 years old i took it from my mums next door neighbor as she had a 2 year old son i did feel very bad about taking it at the time. I was all ways told that you shod not take what is not yours. But i soon got over it when i was wearing it 4 shore i remember it like it was yesterday.

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    It's completely normal, part of the Binge//Purge cycle that normally plagues ABDL's as they are just starting to explore these feelings.

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    Yep, it happens. I wound up throwing the better part of half a pack a diapers away each of the first several times I bought them.

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    Don't worry it will get easier with time. I don't think that I ever felt guilty but did feel very paranoid that my parent would find my stash. Alas that was so many years ago but I still remember it.

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    I'm the same...
    I say "I should stop for a little"
    I start thinking
    I order
    I think of other things I could have used the money for

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