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Thread: Your Favorite Diaper Designs

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    Default Your Favorite Diaper Designs

    Everyone has a favorite diaper, but what is your favorite diaper design?
    Mine where the Lion King Huggies, but as of late I really like the MLP training pants.

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    I prefer the plain white appearance of the Bambino Bianco.

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    I enjoy the drynites L/XL girls

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    The Blues Clues Luvs designs were very cute; it's a shame they discontinued those. But like the OP, the MLP training pants are rivaling those for cutest diaper design.

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    I suppose you'll get different answers from those that prefer adult vs those that can wear (or wish they could wear) baby / child diapers.

    My main focuses are on good fit, classical disposable diaper look, and usefulness, so small diapers strike out. I prefer bianco/fabine, and teddy are ok. I pay more attention to the look of thick padding than to the pattern I guess. Abriform are tolerable but I'd prefer them without the stripes and indicator. (though I prefer the feel slightly over bambino, the main shell is softer, and there's no harder/shiny tape panel)

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    Plain white is nice because you can draw anything you want on it.

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